Bacon, (Bourbon) And Beach Music

Saturday was a perfect day for the Bacon, Bourbon and Beach Music Festival in our home town. The location was Windsor Castle Park.  You may recall this post from last fall when Motor Man and I helped launch a hot air balloon from the park.

When we arrived about 30 minutes after the 11:00 a.m. start of the festival Saturday, folks were beginning to stake out spots on the grounds. In this picture, you can see the old red barns to the right, and the chimneys of historic Windsor Castle to the far left.

beginning 9-27-2014 11-42-23 AM

A short time later, the crowd had definitely grown…

crowd 9-27-2014 2-08-03 PM

Throughout the afternoon, bands played the oldies Beach Music many of us remembered.

tfc band 9-27-2014 12-56-51 PM

This gal was the winner of the Bacon Eating Contest: a half pound of bacon in one minute, 20 seconds.

winner 9-27-2014 1-54-40 PM

The traveling Virginia Is For Lovers’  L-O-V-E sign was there for the occasion, so we had our picture taken with it (again). That’s Windsor Castle in the background.

db jr love 9-27-2014 2-39-05 PM

Included with admission to the festival was a half pound (cooked) bacon, which you could eat as is or dress up with condiments. It was delicious, but you know how bacon has a tendency to “stay with you”.

So Motor Man and I joked later in the day that we’d attended the “Burpin’ Bacon and Beach Music Festival”.

~These Days Of Mine~

20 responses to “Bacon, (Bourbon) And Beach Music

  1. Bacon doesn’t stay with me, but bourbon sure does! I love these autumn festivals in Virginia!!

  2. Looks like a great time was had by all – I cannot imagine eating a half a pound of bacon in one sitting!!!

  3. What a great festival…..looks like the weather was perfect too! I seem to remember another photo of the “Motor Couple” with that LOVE sign…..cute!


  4. You had a perfect day to be out and about! That’s a lotta bacon 🙂

  5. Perfect day for the inaugural festival. Glad you got to enjoy the foot-tapping music and the bacon and the bacon…………………

  6. It was perfect weather for the festival. I like bacon but 1/2 lb. In a half-hour is too much in too little time. Looking forward to hearing about the second festival of the weekend!

  7. What a fun festival!!!! I love the traveling LOVE letters and would have been insisting we have our picture taken with them also. Looks like a perfect day.

  8. You had a beautiful day for the festival AND a beautiful sky! I like bacon but that’s a whole lot of bacon too much for me.. 🙂 The oldies music calls to me. You do live in a cool town!!!!

  9. Looks like fun! Listening to those old ‘beach’ songs would have been right up my alley. And as far as the bacon…whew, I know what you mean about that. Maybe you should have ‘brought home the bacon’ for later. 😉

  10. I love beach music, bacon, and can’t do too good on burbon but might have had one…but most of all I would have loved a sunny day with you and Motor Man! Looked like so much fun!! Maybe next year. REALLY cute of you and Jr at the LOVE letters.

  11. i’d have to skip the bacon-eating contest. 🙂

  12. What fun! And bacon too! 🙂

  13. Bacon is one of my faves, but I’ll only go for two or three slices in a sitting..
    Looks like a great day for the event- downtown was bustling, too !

  14. What! No bourbon! LOL

  15. Looks like a great day and a successful new “happening” in Smf.

  16. That looks like great fun!

  17. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    You certainty could not have asked for a lovelier day. Looks like great fun!

  18. Looks like it was a blast!

  19. A half-pound of bacon? Goodness! Motor Man is always good for a laugh, isn’t he?

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