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Driving Miss Daisy

This tale requires a lot of explanation, so I apologize for that, but I do promise a happy ending.

Friday evening, as Motor Man and I approached one of the busiest intersections in our county, we spotted a beagle wandering on the shoulder of the highway. We soon realized that it was going to walk right into traffic. Motor Man pulled over, and as I was opening the door to get out, we saw a man, whose name we would later learn is Robert,  hurrying toward the dog.  We assumed he was the owner.

Robert made his way across the two lanes of traffic and picked up the beagle, who was, thankfully, friendly.  As Robert walked over to me, I asked if that was his dog, and he said no. He had just seen it heading into the highway.

All this happened right beside a used car dealership, so Motor Man pulled into the entrance. We know Bobby, the owner of the dealership, and saw him in another area of the lot. Motor Man went over to ask if the beagle was his. It wasn’t. Not knowing what else to do, we had Robert put the dog in the back of our SUV.


There was a tag with an 800 number for a pet identification organization on its collar, but when I dialed it, I kept getting the recording: “All agents are assisting other customers.”.

We told Robert that we’d do everything we could to find the owner, and he gave me his phone number so I could let him know later how this story ended.

In the meantime, I called my vet to ask if they could scan the beagle to check for a micro chip.  They were just closing for the day. Then I called our county dispatcher to ask if someone was still at animal control.  She said that she’d have someone meet us there. We hated to take the beagle anywhere, assuming that it lived in that area. But we couldn’t just leave it: we’d already seen it nearly struck by a vehicle.

As we were driving toward the shelter (I’m still trying to get through to someone at the 800 number), my vet’s office and the county dispatcher both attempted to call my phone,  and Bobby (from the used car lot) called Motor Man. Since I was on the phone,  the vet’s call and the dispatcher’s call both went to my voice mail.

The vet’s office was calling to say that they were running behind, and they COULD check for a micro chip. The dispatcher was calling to ask if we could keep the beagle overnight.

BUT, Bobby was calling to say that the dog’s family was there, looking for her. We were only about a mile away, so we made a quick u-turn, and reunited Daisy with her relieved family. Her human brother and sister were already dressed for trick-or-treating.


I wiped my eyes, which were a little misty for some reason, then we watched as Daisy was happily taken back home.


I then returned phone calls to the vet and animal control and called Robert to tell him the good news. Motor Man drove over to where Bobby was, so we could thank him for calling to let us know that Daisy’s family was there.

All this took about 30 minutes, but that happy ending was SO worth it.

~These Days Of Mine~