Daily Archives: November 10, 2014

Kitty’s Cute Game

Those of you who have are owned by a cat are familiar with this little game.

Kitty is lying in her spot-of-the-week, being cute enough as it is.

sundae1a 11-7-2014 8-17-11 AM

You reach for the (hopefully nearby) camera and  begin to document the cuteness.

sundae1 11-7-2014 8-17-17 AM

All the while, you’re talking to her in that high-pitched voice reserved for babies and pets. Between “that” voice and the camera aimed at her, Kitty soon reaches full cuteness potential.

sundae2 11-7-2014 8-17-20 AM

Suddenly, something catches her eye…

sundae3 11-7-2014 8-17-22 AM

…game over.

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