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Explaining “The” Picture

Many of you guessed correctly when I posted this picture on last Friday’s Random Five:

closeup 11-20-2014 1-52-36 PM

My friend, Bev, and I had taken advantage of  a fairly warm day to go shelling. Although we use the word “shelling”, in the few months since we began this hobby, in addition to shells, we’ve also found sharks teeth, sea glass, coral and other treasures.

On the day we went last week, we both wore several layers to block the wind. Under my hood, I also had on ear muffs and a sun visor. With my sunglasses on top of my head, the photo brought back memories of “Cousin Itt” on the Addams Family.

internet photo

internet photo

Motor Man had some free time that day, so he accompanied us to the beach. He ventured out for a few minutes, but while waiting for us in the truck, he had access to the camera. And I’ve learned that can be dangerous…

This photo of Bev proves that sometimes we get rather serious about our beachcombing.

bev - combing 11-20-2014 1-55-38 PM

It just brings to mind, once again, one of my favorite quotes:

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old: we grow old because we stop playing.”     ~George Bernard Shaw

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