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Uncle Bennie’s Desk

After my cousin, Lona, passed away last year, her brother, Robert, was faced with the task of emptying the home their late parents lived in for over fifty years.

He asked if there were anything in the house I would like to have, and I mentioned a couple of things, one being an old desk.  Robert lives out of state, and has had no reason to hurry the cleaning-out process, but he called last weekend to say we could come pick up the desk.

old desk side 11-25-2014 3-19-30 PM

I remember it being in the same location at my Uncle Bennie and Aunt Doris’s home since I was a child. Robert didn’t know any history on the desk before his parents came to own it.  Although I had every intention of taking a picture of it before we moved it, that slipped my mind. These photos were taken of it in its new home with us.

old desk 11-25-2014 3-19-21 PM

Just look at the “lid”; that beautiful patina on those old, old boards.

desk lid1 11-25-2014 3-20-15 PM

And the interior, with all those cubbies. I’d love to know where it was originally used.

desk interior 11-25-2014 5-57-26 PM

I knew there had always been a second, nearly identical, but newer, desk in another room at Uncle Bennie’s, but I didn’t know the story, until Robert recently told me.

Uncle Bennie and Aunt Doris had two children: Lona and Robert. Uncle Bennie, years ago, said that when he passed on, he didn’t want their two children arguing over the old desk. So he made an identical one.  Of course, then the two siblings both wanted THAT desk, since it was made by their dad.

The desk made by Uncle Benn

The desk made by Uncle Bennie still in place at his home

When Lona passed away, that, of course, left both desks to Robert. Since he preferred the newer desk, he was glad for me to have the old one….with one stipulation:

I also became the owner of this sweet old ceramic puppy vase/planter.

puppy closeup 11-25-2014 5-57-00 PM

Robert never recalled that planter being anywhere else but atop the desk, and, although he certainly didn’t mean that I had to display it there, I have no intention of separating the two.

puppy on desk 11-25-2014 5-57-13 PM

Old things, especially those with family ties, have always meant more to me than new ones. The old desk and planter will always be reminders to me of Lona and her family. I’m happy we’re able to give them a new home.

 ~These Days Of Mine~