Daily Archives: November 18, 2014

Maxxinista Sundae

Occasionally, when I have an item to be returned to a store, I’ll place the bag beside the door to remind me to take it with me on my way to the car.

Yesterday, I had an item to return to T.J. Maxx, and our little feline “maxxinista” soon discovered the bag and claimed it for her own. You know how kitties find things like that irresistable.

sundae1a 11-17-2014 7-55-44 PM

She turned and wiggled and twisted to get her little nest exactly like she wanted, all the while enjoying the rustling sound of the plastic.

sundae1 11-17-2014 7-24-01 PM

 “Yes, I know I’m being all beautiful and cute and that I will be the subject of your blog post tomorrow.”

sundae straight 11-17-2014 7-56-23 PM

“You’re welcome.”

squint 11-17-2014 7-57-17 PM

“Oh, and you may want to find another bag to put this item in to be returned. This one is now officially mine.”

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