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Random Five Friday

It’s been a fairly uneventful week around here, so today’s Random Five are just photos from yesterday.

1.) It was a gray, drizzly, breezy day, but our crape myrtle is still providing us with a little color.

crape myrtle foliage 11-6-2014 3-22-03 PM

2.) Late in the afternoon, I noticed a deer grazing by the marsh. I quietly opened the door and stepped out on the deck to take some pictures. From the looks of that tongue, something must have been tasty!

deer1 11-6-2014 4-14-26 PM 11-6-2014 4-14-26 PM

3.) Yep, I’ve been spotted. I understand that hunting is an evil necessity, and they do aggravate me when they eat my flowers, but I’m so glad these beautiful creatures are safe in our neighborhood.

deer3 11-6-2014 4-14-58 PM

 4.) As we were going to dinner, a storm was approaching our area. Skies were threatening, but beautiful shades of blue.

The "Lighthouse" at Smithfield Station

The “Lighthouse” at Smithfield Station

5.) And just a little later and a few miles away, those clouds weren’t nearly as pretty. Thankfully the heavy rains didn’t quite make it to where we had dinner and ran errands.

storm clouds 11-6-2014 5-49-07 PM

So, was your week more eventful than ours?

~These Days Of Mine~