Daily Archives: January 12, 2015

Sundae’s Sun Puddle

Although our temperatures can’t compare with those frigid ones in other areas of the country, it’s been rather chilly here this week.

One of Sundae’s favorite spots is the quilt at the bottom of a wardrobe we repurposed as a tv cabinet. Yesterday afternoon, I spotted her sound asleep there in a sun puddle.

sundae quilt1 1-11-2015 11-50-46 AM

Of course, cats have a way of knowing everything that’s happening – even when they’re asleep. She realized I was taking her picture and woke up immediately. Well….perhaps not immediately.

sundae quilt2 1-11-2015 11-51-09 AM

I’m not sure what caught her attention right here.

look up sundae 1-11-2015 11-50-57 AM

Sundae, you look so cozy….

sundae quilt3 1-11-2015 11-51-25 AM

…it’s hard work being a cat, isn’t it? So, go on back to sleep before your sun puddle disappears.

~These Days Of Mine~