Daily Archives: January 7, 2015

We All Have ‘Em…

…those little idiosyncrasies, habits, obsessions.

You may recall that I mentioned, not long after we adopted Gypsy adopted us, we noticed that her water was continuously being displaced from her bowl to the floor. We discovered that, for some reason, she is obsessed with splashing and playing in water.  (Heaven forbid someone leaves the lid up on a toilet.   I know: TMI.)

We’ve somewhat solved the problem of a wet floor by placing her bowl inside a larger plastic water bowl, the type made for dogs.

Earlier this week, I had filled her bowl with fresh water. Then peeped around the corner to see this:

gypsy3a 1-5-2015 10-01-30 AM

Seriously, Gypsy?  

What is this? Are you soaking in preparation for a pedicure?


And that’s just very unappetizing to be drinking water while you’re standing in it.


It’s rather obvious, after looking at this next picture, that should you ever decide to soak your hind feet, we’ll need to buy you a washtub….


~These Days Of Mine~