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Random Five Friday

In today’s R5F, I’m sharing a few pictures of our “mini” ice storm this week. I’m sure those of you who experience REAL winter weather will have a chuckle at our version.

1.) It’s been windy and nasty recently, so I had taken our garden flag off the pole. The ice decorated the pole itself – no need for a flag.

flag pole icicles 1-14-2015 11-00-01 AM

2.) Motor Man snapped this of one of our crepe myrtle trees. The smaller trees didn’t seem to suffer any damage, but the pines were laden with the weight of the ice. There were many broken limbs, and some areas in our town lost electricity for a few hours as a result. Thankfully, we didn’t.

crepe myrtle 1-14-2015 7-57-48 AM

3.) I never removed last summer’s plants from the old bicycle “basket”.  Sorry, ice plant: your days are numbered.

bike stems with ice 1-14-2015 8-41-39 AM

4.) Do you recall the saga of the squirrel determined to stash a walnut in the basket hanging on our back door?  This week, he must have come to retrieve it.  I noticed yesterday that it was gone. But a tiny “biddy” remains tucked away, waiting for spring.

basket 1-15-2015 3-31-07 PM

5.) Gypsy and I took a selfie this week. She was so cute, cuddled up with her paw on my scarf.

db and gypsy

And, how was your weather this week?

~These Days Of Mine~