Daily Archives: January 13, 2015

Are You Up To The Challenge?

Looking for a way to waste a little time exercise your brain? Yesterday, Marshall sent me the link to Einstein’s Riddle. I wasn’t familiar with it, but will say that it’s very addictive. Click on this link to play.  (Drag the “tiles” to move into place.) Can you determine who has the fish?

einsteins riddle 1-12-2015 8-19-014

That brought to mind another little fun brain exercise that I learned about several years ago: the leap frog test.  This isn’t nearly as challenging as the above puzzle, but it does take a little thought. Click this link to play.

leap frog 1-12-2015 8-21-56 PM

Let me know how you do on these, and if you have other fun time wasters brain exercises you’d like to suggest.

~These Days Of Mine~