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Sea Glass…In Winter!

Back in the summer months, when my friend, Bev, and I would go “shelling” (searching for sea glass), we’d laugh and say: “When winter comes, we’re going to look at the weather forecast and say something like: ‘Well, next Tuesday, it’s supposed to be 50, maybe we can go then'”.

Believe it or not, we’ve averaged a sea glass search about once a week all winter…so far. We dress in layers, wear ear muffs and those little fingerless gloves and choose a day that’s sunny with very little wind. We really haven’t been uncomfortable on any of our trips.

This week, I had a particularly fruitful search:

sea glass1 1-21-2015 6-05-57 PM

To give you an idea of  size:

sea glass2 1-21-2015 6-06-36 PM

Finding amethyst is rare, so that’s always fun. The green shard is nice, but the blue is my treasure for the week. That’s the first time I’ve ever found blue. There probably isn’t enough there to research what it originally was, but the letters “LK” are visible, as if they were at the end of a word….”milk”, perhaps?

The clear piece is obviously from a soda bottle. I couldn’t get a good picture of it, but the bottle is swirled with what was a word beginning with the letters “Che”.  Bev found a Chero-cola bottle several months ago, so I began with a search of those bottles. And even though mine is just a shard, I believe it’s from a 1923 bottle.

chero cola

internet photo

One of the reasons we enjoy looking for sea glass is just imagining what the pieces we find could have been. We usually have no idea how old the shards are, so it’s amazing to learn that this little worn piece of glass has possibly been around for 92 years.

Now, I must go check the long range weather forecast for next week…

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