The Pansy Incident

And, now, your weekly deer report.

These photos were taken Monday evening when Motor Man and I returned home from dinner.  We noticed a few deer out in the yard, but as we came into the driveway, we saw this: three packets of pansies that I hadn’t yet gotten around to planting.

pansies 3-30-2015 7-15-33 PM

Later, I went out to take pictures of the sunset, but something else caught my eye. I squatted down to get a better picture of him.

silhouette 3-30-2015 7-23-32 PM

Then, he spotted me.

deer1 3-30-2015 7-24-00 PM

But he wasn’t too concerned.

deer2 3-30-2015 7-24-14 PM

 He kept grazing and walking closer.

deer3 3-30-2015 7-24-18 PM

And I kept snapping pictures.

deer6 3-30-2015 7-25-21 PM

And neither of us mentioned the pansy incident.

~These Days Of Mine~

18 responses to “The Pansy Incident

  1. They nibble my pansies too but I find it tough to get upset with such beautiful critters – and I’m sure you feel that way too! That little one sure came close to you – they are so tame…they come right up to our front porch too (where my pansies are!).


  2. I enjoy your posts! Those deer are certainly hungry. Thank goodness for the mast this year or everything would be bare!

  3. Beautiful picture of him/her silhouetted in the sunset! I thought deer were eating my impatiens but it was squirrels messing with them! Caught one taking out a whole huge pot of petunias too… after I had worked hard planting all of them. Just rolling around in them and chopping them off… never ate them, just left them all on the ground. I didn’t plant any impatiens last year and kept chicken wire around the petunias… ridiculous. I won’t plant any this year.. just herbs and ferns! The pansy picture cracks me up! Poor pansies!

  4. Sorry about your pansies, Dianna. Great photos! I love the one of the deer in the sunset. It reminded me of a scene from Gone with the Wind, when Scarlett goes back to Tara.

  5. At least he/she didn’t dine & dash. The excellent photos were your tip?

  6. It’s obvious your visitor knew it was safe in your yard even after dining on your pansies. The deer will soon be eating out of your hand like Groom Swan. Sure hope the swan couple make an appearance soon. I hope they survived the winter!

  7. I told my husband the same thing about the deer in the sunset – Gone with the Wind. I think this ‘Scarlet’ (deer) is just as determined as the movie Scarlet. We’ve had the same problem with deer and our pansies. They activate our motion-sensor light at night, and I’ve gotten up to look and ‘caught’ them in the act. They don’t eat them – just pull them up. UGH!!! But Pretty!

  8. Your deer are becoming so domesticated – I would not be surprised to see a post soon where they are inside the house dining you & Motor Man…. That 2nd photo is beautiful! I do have to say in the 3rd photo – he looks as if he is apologizing to you;) But poor pansies…they never had the chance to become what they were meant to be…oh well…survival of the fittest!

  9. Saw you made the paper again with your beautiful deer. Congratulations!

  10. A friend gave us some hostas that he dug up around his foundation. The didn’t even make it through the night. They were gone the next day. Lots of hoof-prints.

  11. I think it is wise to keep the pansy incident quiet. Lovely pics. We love our feet.

  12. I caught them eating my camellias! I walked over to them and clapped my hands and they looked up at me and then went back to eating “their” flowers! They are getting very bold!

  13. wow! you might have to adopt him!

  14. What a beautiful post! You two have found each other and are obviously now fast friends.

  15. You lost some pansies, but gained an amazing photo op!
    The silhouette pic is outstanding!

  16. We just moved to “deer country” and have to take that into consideration with everything outside! Beautiful photos.

  17. Great shots! The deer around here ate att the new growth in our strawberry patch this week!

  18. Looks like you might have a new friend. I guess it felt bad about the pansy incident. It was probably a good thing you didn’t mention it.

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