Random Five Friday

Friday! Randomness!

1.) If you see these on your grocer’s shelves, run, don’t walk, as quickly as you can –in the opposite direction. They are highly addictive.  This is our second  bag (thank you, Marshall, for telling us about them – I think). I wanted to include them in this post, and since the first bag was empty, well, I was forced to purchase more.


2.) Last Saturday evening, while at the races, Motor Man and I had mechanical problems with our vehicle. Turns out, we needed a new alternator. But, there are worse places to be in need of jumper cables than at a race track. (I mean, it isn’t like we were at the opera ….).  A friend happened along with jumper cables, and we were soon on our way.

jr tim 4-4-2015 10-59-14 PM

3.)  You may recall the magnifying mirror/water faucet incident of a few weeks ago. I’m happy (and relieved) to report that the Dare County Water Department reduced our bill from a hefty $419  to $153. They probably had a good chuckle about what happened.

obx water edit

4.) Motor Man and I have a recliner in our bedroom, and I’m usually the one who sits there. Wednesday evening, I was at our desk, using the computer, so he was in the recliner.  A little later, I referred to it as “my recliner”.  I went down the hall and when I returned, I saw this sign on the chair back. Once a little boy, always a little boy….

keep out 4-8-2015 8-03-04 PM

5.) Last night, we finally had our friend, Shirley’s, birthday celebration.  It was postponed from February, when a snow storm interfered with our original plans. A GREAT time was had by all – including Sundae.

5 of us and sundae 4-9-2015 7-09-19 PM

Hope all your randoms this week are good ones.

~These Days Of Mine~

18 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. Uhoh….those Sweetos look dangerous – I see on the bag it says “limited time” – thank heavens! Looks like a lot of random fun this week culminating with the par-tay upstairs last night!


  2. I’m happy to see you got a reduction in your water bill, Dianna. Well, at least the Cheetos are available for a “limited time.” 🙂

  3. That water bill story is way too funny! I bet the peeps at the water department DID get a chuckle out of that story… I did. HAPPY you got a break. A Thursday night birthday celebration sounds like FUN!

  4. So GLAD about the water bill! And ALL of your randomness had me smiling! Sweetos……….hummmm! I feel a trip to the grocery store coming on. I MUST Resist!

  5. Let’s see, Warnining-dieters beware! This morming you spoke of the advantage of being the right place when you have a problem . You showed us the kindness that government agencies can have (despite rumors to the contrary)! Reminded us how cute our spouses can be, and finally (and I can speak to this )how beautifully kind you can be to your friends! you covered it all this Friday Dianna have a great weekend!

  6. I agree, Donna…something for everyone! I have had jumper cables in my vehicle for many years plus a little portable air pump for tires..thanks to my son, the mechanic!! Sounds like a great week.

  7. You and Donna said it all…good snacks, kind friends who always make time to help, cute husband, and a compassionate water works department with a sense of humor, too. Thank you for the smiles to launch us into the weekend.

  8. hooray on the water bill! and nice place to have a break-down, for sure. you know people there… 🙂

  9. Yep- covered it all this Friday …….
    I have a couple of spare bags of the Sweetos – that ‘limited time’ thing scared me.. ; )
    & I see that Sundae decided to pose this time !
    Congrats on the water bill reduction …!

  10. Excellent random 5 and I can’t believe that Motor man does not have jumper cables in his vehicle!

  11. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Now I have to go to the store, THANKS Dianna! As far as a break down, no better place than the races. I am so glad they lower your water bill. I am sure that is not the first story they have ever heard, but the BEST ONE lol Looks like Shirley had a great party with wonderful friends. Then there is your JR, no words needed!! Hope you two have a good weekend.

  12. Great randoms Dianna!

  13. That husband of yours has a wicked sense of humor. He’s got to be a bushel of fun to have around.

  14. We had two chairs in our living room when I was growing up. One went with the sofa and one was “the blue chair”. The blue chair was the favorite and you had to think how badly you wanted something before you got out of it!

    And “Sweetos”….my nightly prayer will include request for strength to stay away from them!

  15. Fun Friday five – goodies, sweeties, kitties and more 🙂 MJ

  16. Sweetos?? Oh my! I hope they don’t come to a grocery shelf near me because they DO sound like trouble!

  17. Thanks for your sacrifice of running down to the store to get another bag to show us those dangerous foodstuffs! Sundae turned out to be a party animal, huh? Yes, you were in a pretty good place to need vehicle assistance. I’m glad they were merciful with you on the water bill. Now you have more money to stock up on Sweetos! Too funny about “your” recliner.

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