Easter Recap

One of Mama Kat’s Writing Prompts this week is “Easter Recap”.

We spent Easter afternoon at the home of one of Motor Man’s sisters. There was ample food, including this creative “Peep” cake made by one of our nieces. It wasn’t actually made of Peeps, but rather, was a delicious lemon cake.

peep cake 4-5-2015 11-59-40 AM

The weather was beautiful, which enabled the little ones to play outside.  While waiting for time to hunt eggs, other uses for the Easter “buckets” were found.

livy easter bucket 4-5-2015 1-04-27 PM

Finally, it was time for the hunt! Photographers had to be quick to get a picture before the action began.

little ones and easter basket 4-5-2015 1-06-16 PM

Afterward, there were hugs among cousins:

lily christian hugging 4-5-2015 1-01-38 PM

And a little “Happy” time in the bounce house.

No egg-hunting or bounce house for Motor Man and me; we were just spectators, enjoying family and the sunshine.

db jr steps 4-5-2015 1-46-36 PM

Mama’s Losin’ It

~These Days Of Mine~

20 responses to “Easter Recap

  1. Looks like it was a “picture-perfect” Easter for everybody!


  2. The weather looked perfect. Great photo of you and MM!

  3. Great pictures of what looked to be a wonderful day. The Peep cake looks yummy, by the way!

  4. What a cute cake but that photo of the 2 littles hugging — aww — be still my heart 🙂 MJ

  5. Hugs and peep cakes. Adorable. And the sunshine is beautiful.

  6. That Peep cake is too too cute! I would never be able to stick a knife in it.. 🙂 Lovely fun pictures of the kids… colorful!

  7. A lovely way to celebrate!! What child wouldn’t love the bouncy house!!

  8. Such a cute cake! And a fun-filled family Easter. You’re blessed!

  9. It looks like the perfect Easter for every one!

  10. such cute little ones. you had me with the peep cake. 🙂

  11. Love the picture of the two of you and what a beautiful day for outdoor family fun.

  12. Yummm… lemon cake! Sometimes being the spectator can be the best place to be. Visiting from Mama Kat’s.

  13. That was a fine day to be outside ! – it looks like good times were had by everybody!

  14. Your post brings back memories of wonderful Easters with my family and all our cousins. Our easter egg hunt got a little shall we say enthusiastic and and all the Aunts just laughing and doing that “you’re getting hotter in your getting colder :game. I too remember putting buckets on our heads but always have and had a big head I remember getting worried about it being stuck! I remember commenting that your buckets your little nieces and nephews were huge so I hope they were able to fill them ! Beautiful pictures especially the 1 of you and Motor Man. Beautiful Easter post Dianna- love it when I stroll down a beautiful memory lane thanks to you!.

  15. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I agree with it Donna, your Easter blog brings back a lot good memories. The video and music put to it was awesome. The children are so cute!

  16. Nice photos–especially of an egg-hunt in process! Love you kitty pics. Cake was a cute idea.

  17. LOVE that shot of the two of you!!

  18. Love all the adorable babies and that peep cake is perfection! Looks like an altogether wonderful day. 🙂

  19. Great picture of your and MM. Kids find the most creative things to do with simple objects. Looks like they had a really nice Easter.

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