Ladies And Gentlemen…

…of the jury. I am Sundae, the calico, and my job today is to convince you that a mature kitty can be just as adorable as a younger one, namely a certain “Miss Gypsy“.

Allow me to present Exhibit A. (Please note the sweet position of the front paws.)


And Exhibit B. (The uplifted chin is a definite sign of cuteness.)


 And Exhibit C. (No explanation needed.)


I rest my case.

Respectfully yours,

~These Days Of Mine~

20 responses to “Ladies And Gentlemen…

  1. Well you certainly don’t have to convince either of us!!! Case closed!

    Pam and Sam

  2. Well I was pretty much convinced with Exhibits A and B, but Exhibit C did me in! Exhibit C is so cute I want to boop her cute little nose or snuggle her tummy fur… bet she wouldn’t like me to snuggle her tummy fur 🙂 Good Morning Dianna! I took a nice long refreshing break and now I am back… 😉 I actually have a post up… shock! I am shooting you an email.

  3. The supportive evidence A and B and the conclusive evidence C are resounding. Cute, adorable and precious. As Pam said, case closed.

  4. I am totally convinced. Adorable.

  5. The jury finds the defendant guilty…on all counts! Cute photos!

  6. Miss Gypsy is just too cute for words.

  7. You didn’t have to convince me, Miss Sundae!! I always knew were were a cutie!!

  8. No hung jury here! So CUTE!

  9. It’s a tie for cuteness between Sundae and Gypsy! They are both adorable.

  10. you are adorable, sundae.

  11. Sudea, us older queens has a j’necetquois that the younger girls does not!
    You rules!

  12. It sounds like Sundae got wind of yesterday’s post …
    I had no idea this would make it to court …
    It’s going to be a tough one… just throw it out !

  13. How could anyone named Sundae … not be sweet? And adorable, of course?

  14. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Sundae, you made a very convincing case. To be honest you and Gypsy are to of the neatest cats I know 🙂

  15. Case closed, Sundae! You’ve won over this juror. 🙂

  16. You don’t have a favorite, do you?

  17. Sundae, you pull out all the stops, don’t you?

  18. A case well presented. I agree both Gypsy and Sundae are totally adorable and cute.

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