It Is A Mystery

For those of you with email subscriptions to my blog, the photos and portions of the text today will look familiar; as it will for those of you who saw the link (which I forgot to delete) on Facebook. When, oh when, will I learn to schedule my posts immediately upon choosing a title in order to avoid accidentally clicking the publish option before I’m ready.  Obviously, WordPress isn’t ever going to implement a “safety net” pop-up for their authors, asking  ‘are you SURE you’re ready to publish this post?’.

Here is today’s post, with a few edits from yesterday’s tease:

We have a couple of birdhouses along the edge of our property, including this one, which definitely qualifies as an antique.

birdhouse1 5-19-2015 3-07-47 PM

As I walked in that area of the yard recently, I noticed this:

birdhouse2 5-19-2015 3-07-56 PM 5-19-2015 3-07-56 PM

I found it to be a bit confusing….first of all, did a bird small enough to be interested in making a home in this birdhouse CARRY that huge stick to this point?  Did she struggle with it, trying to make it fit through the front door, then finally give up?

closeup 5-19-2015 3-07-56 PM

There’s a slight chance, I suppose, that a strong wind may have blown the limb into the birdhouse? Maybe it was being transported by an osprey or eagle and was dropped and landed there?

Your thoughts on this mystery?

~These Days Of Mine~

15 responses to “It Is A Mystery

  1. That last photo is a great catch!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  2. Maybe the bird was wanting to add a second story and needed lumber? LOL!

  3. My guess is a bird, but then he figured out it probably wouldn’t work.

  4. Pretty big door for a bird. House not big enough for a squirrel. Too high up for an inquisitive kid. Got me, but now I’ll think about it all day.

  5. B O Y S. Looks like somthing kids would do while cutting through a babky add Rd our night or hood just because. Then again we have had freaky wind. Thirdly, (I just remembered this) when I first moved back here I was with niece and nephew and something came floating out of sky after plane flew over. It seemed to fall so slow and we thought we knew exactly where it landed but could never find. So my third guess- somebody threw a big stick out of a plane. It is a mystery this Nancy Drew want a be would love to hear solved.

  6. I’m thinking it blew there in a wind – we’ve had some very windy days lately up here and I find broken small branches/twigs everywhere sometimes. I don’t think a small bird would be able to carry something that large!


  7. That is a mystery!!! And we sure have had a windy spring….April and May have seemed like March with the winds!

  8. Oh, I want to believe a bird brought it up there and then couldn’t get it in the house. Wouldn’t that have been fun to watch!

  9. Oh, I LOVE it – the possibilities! I have to admit that I thought about the ant who carries a large load and then the squirrels that I see running across our backyard with pears in their mouths that they shouldn’t be able to carry.

  10. Looks like the wind to me !
    Something that probably won’t happen many more times !

  11. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Great mystery! All the above things could have happen.

  12. Maybe the birds were going to reinforce their home since it is weathering away. Construction project? Such a fun mystery.

  13. Wind ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~:)

  14. I’m getting ready to screen in my bird houses. So tired of realizing that a snake has climbed up and done its thing. We’ve recently installed some wire thingies which are supposed to deter snakes. Fingers crossed they work.

  15. Curious, for sure.

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