Memorial Day At Brick Church

For many years, a memorial service has taken place on the third Sunday in May at the cemetery, near Bacon’s Castle, where nearly all my ancestors are buried.

Yesterday, Motor Man and I attended. Less than 30 minutes before time for the service to begin, a brief shower came through the area.

brick church 5-17-2015 2-30-32 PM

I wrote about the cemetery, known locally as “Brick Church” in this post from 2011. The physical appearance of the building changed drastically when it was damaged during Hurricane Isabel. But the familiarity of the grounds is the same as I remember from the first time I stepped foot there as a small child.

brick church interior 5-17-2015 2-45-04 PM

Walking through the cemetery, I pass the graves of my parents, my sister, grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins from both “sides” of my family.

These are the graves of my maternal great grandparents, John and Ross Anna Warren. The “anna” portion of my name is for her. Had Marshall been a girl, her name would have been Amanda Ross. My mom was twelve when her grandmother died; how I wish I’d asked her to share with me her memories of my namesake.

 john and ross anna 5-17-2015 2-43-00 PM 5-17-2015 2-43-00 PM

Brick Church is a beautiful place with old, old tombstones, fences and gates.

gate 5-17-2015 3-41-44 PM

The cemetery is situated directly beside a highway: two-laned, but busy. When I was in elementary school, our bus driver, Miss Annie Rose, was an older lady who lived in the community.  If a funeral was being held on a particular afternoon, she would inform us as we boarded the bus for the ride home. She taught us the importance of being quiet and respectful. And, as a bus full of boisterous school children passed the cemetery, you could have heard a pin drop.

My respect for The Old Brick Church Cemetery was instilled upon me from an early age, not just by Miss Annie Rose on the bus, but also by my mom during our visits there.

But my appreciation for its beauty and history has  been learned through the years.

~These Days Of Mine~

18 responses to “Memorial Day At Brick Church

  1. It must be comforting having all of your ancestors in a beautiful spot where you can visit when you wish…..and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere so full of history. What a shame that the hurricane did some more damage to “Brick Church”…….


  2. That’s such a beautiful spot and you write of it with such reverence, Dianna. I loved the link to the “Anna” part of your name.

    My Dad, uncles, Grandparents and more are all buried in a little prairie cemetery about 3 miles from our farm. It’s out on the prairie and the wind always blows but it’s quiet and serene and beautiful, all in one.

    Your post took me back there and to the comfort and peace such history can bring someone.


  3. What a lovely spot, Dianna. I love that old gate.That’s nice that both sides of your family are buried in one area.

  4. Diane, I have one distant relative there as well. (Barham). I loved your brief history. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Brick Church (cemetery) has always had a special place in my heart. It’s always so peaceful there and comforting to walk beside the gravesites of so many relatives. Growing up, we attended every Memorial Day Service. I’m sure there were times when it rained but I only remember the sunny days.
    Thank you for sharing the memories we both have!

  6. Indeed it is a very special place. It was the first place John and I went after our wedding. We were married the day before Easter that year and we went to visit his brother, Joe’s, grave following the reception. He picked a few daffodils and we laid them there. I kept one and pressed it. I think it is remarkable that in this transient world, that so many families represented there have remained in the area.

  7. Your mention of Miss Annie Rose made me smile this morning. I love the reverence she instilled in us all. It is a beautiful spot.

  8. love the story of the bus driver teaching respect.

  9. How remarkable Dianna, to have so many of your family buried there and what a serene place it is.

  10. A fantastic post about a beautiful site within view of the old Castle House.
    So much history here..

  11. It’s amazing to have so many resting in the same place. How fortunate you are to visit the house and feel them all close. Good for the bus driver to take advantage of making a teachable moment. All it takes is knowledge and a little bit of leadership to teach important lessons.

  12. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I to love the Little Brick Cemetery. I have friends buried there and fond memories of these dear people. They were a very big part of my childhood. Lovely cemetery.

  13. Many of my ancestors rest in our church cemetery. It is a peaceful place just like your Brick Church one but not as scenic. I too was taught to be quiet and respectful when visiting our loved ones resting spots.

  14. That most certainly must have been a very talented innovative bird! BTW, since you are both talented and innovative, I have nominated you to participate in the Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge. I hope you will join in. ~Dor

  15. Ooops! Dianna – your nomination begins tomorrow! I forgot I already did one this morning. Instructions will be on tomorrow’s post. 🙂

  16. It is a lovely cemetery.

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