Lovin’ On Virginia

Last summer, I posted a few photos on the Exploring Virginia Facebook page.  Soon, I received a private message from someone by the name of Tina Pecht, asking permission to use two of those photos in a video she was in the process of making. I, of course, said yes, since I consider it an honor whenever anyone finds my photos worthy of sharing.

This week, Tina messaged me to let me know the video is ready, and she gave me permission to share it here on These Days:

(The photos of mine that Tina used in the video are of Bacon’s Castle in the snow  and Smithfield Station Marina at sunrise.)

Tina is originally from Illinois, but moved to Virginia eighteen years ago.  She’s been making videos for quite some time, at first for friends for special occasions and fundraisers.  Her hobby grew into a business venture, Savvy Slideshows, over five years ago.  She says that it combines her love of photography with her “curiousity about people, places and things”.

She was inspired to create this video after hearing John Tracy’s song, “Virginia Is For Lovers” at a wine festival.

Even though Tina isn’t a native Virginian, it’s obvious that she shares our love of The Old Dominion.  Thanks, Tina, for including my photos in this wonderful video showcasing the beauty of the Commonwealth.

~These Days Of Mine~



10 responses to “Lovin’ On Virginia

  1. What an honor to have your photos included in this wonderful video about this beautiful State we call “our own” !


  2. Oh My Goodness – what an honor, and what beautiful pictures! Even though I had seen the snow scene at Bacon’s Castle before, I still gasped with awe when it flashed up. So glad the beauty of your pictures will be enjoyed by many others. We do live in a beautiful state.

  3. What a beautiful video AND a lovely song. I think it should be our state song!! And I’m not surprised she wanted to use your photos. They’re fantastic! I hope everyone can see your lovely photos and this wonderful slideshow of Virginia!

  4. Congratulations Dianna! Your photos fit right into that great video.

  5. Your photos made that video extra special. Congrats to you and to the lady making the video. Very nice.

  6. This was impressive ! – I can see her appreciation for Virginia scenery – and for good photos .. very cool your pictures were included : )

  7. How cool is that??? So neat, Dianna. Congrats on having your photos included.

  8. What a great video and to be included was an honor you richly deserve,.

  9. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Well done video about our beloved state. What put the icing on the cake for me is she used two of your beautiful pictures! Very nice honor for you Dianna. Congrats!!

  10. Concatulations! Wes was impressed with the slideshow (excellent editing and techniques) and wes LOVED your photos!
    Apaws! Apaws! Apaws!

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