Random Five Friday

Five randoms to begin the Fourth of July weekend:

1.)  Of my six uncles, only one was a “bonafide” farmer, but I think the other five all had gardens. So did my mom and probably all five of her sisters at one time or another.  Summertime visits to my grandmother’s, where the aunts and uncles gathered frequently, brought about talk of corn “tossling” (tassling) as well as ripening tomatoes. I seem to recall that if either of those things happened by the Fourth of July, that particular summer’s garden was deemed a success.

2.) Yesterday, I paid a visit of condolence to a dear friend who had lost her son-in-law.  My travels took me through some wonderful Virginia countryside, where I saw quite a bit of corn “tossling” in the fields.

corn field lane 7-2-2015 2-52-10 PM 7-2-2015 2-52-10 PM

3.) You most likely recall my post about baby Guillermo/William from the Corolla Wild Horse herd. We had seen William when he was only three days old, then the following day learned that he had been rushed to a vet hospital in critical condition.  Since that post, William has greatly improved.  The GoFundMe page to help with his medical expenses has resulted in donations of over $22,000 to date, which has enabled him to get the best of care.  Baby William now has a surrogate mother named Pebbles.  This video warmed my heart when the Corolla folks shared it yesterday. To think little William once required CPR and oxygen….

4.)  My friend, Donna, spent last Friday night with us in order to take in the Olden Days festivities.  Sundae was her sleeping companion for much of the night (good thing Donna is a kitty lover).  Saturday afternoon, when I returned home from the festival, I found that, after we left home that morning, Sundae had apparently brought Donna a “gift”.  Sundae had deposited her favorite toy: a stuffed octopus just inside the doorway of the guest bedroom.

sundaes gift1 6-28-2015 6-51-53 PM

5.) Our plans for the Fourth really aren’t in place yet, but our flags sure are.




What are you planning for the holiday weekend?


~ These Days Of Mine~


15 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. This is just a provocative post Dianna! I had not thought of the friendly /fight to who could have tomatoes before July 4th. I found out by accident when I got one of the upside down tomato growers and had gorgeous tomatoes early, way before the 4th. My friend could not wait to take some home and show/shove them to her brother.He did not have much to say – she did! And now Sundae has just started the gift exchange, I bring him a gift he brings me a gift…I did love my weekend with him, especially him talking to me.I always read a vocal cat was a smart cat. We read together far into the evening . Thanks for keeping updates on our Plucky William. I have watched the video several times. Finally, beautiful flag and safe 4th!

  2. We mark the 4th the same, and this is a good crop/garden year. Now if only I can beat the mockingbirds to my red tomatoes…..Love the Baby William update! And the flag ….Happy 4th to ALL!

  3. No ripe tomatoes for me in Illinois, yet. Great update on Baby William!

  4. I fondly remember the competition between the uncles to have the first ripe tomato before 4th of July. I miss the aunts and uncles especially during the summer.
    It was so good to see Little William frisking in the sunshine. People have been generous with their donations but he’s not “out of the woods” yet.

  5. Awww, Sundae “leaving the gift” is so great…and sweet. Love these “Randoms” you do.
    We’re in Cody, Wyoming till Monday morning. We’ve got the Rodeo Parade this morning and the 4th July Parade tomorrow morning as well. The wonderful Bud distributor here got clearance for me to be on top of the famous Irma hotel so I could photograph the hitch as they go by. According to the weather reports, it looks like it will be two good days for a parade.
    Sunday Todd has the day off and we’ve not decided what we will do yet…if anything! 🙂
    Happy Fourth of July!

  6. How sweet that Sundae shared her favorite toy with Donna…..I think that’s definitely a “paws up” for Donna – she’s on Sundae’s “approved guest list” for sure! Love the photo with the flag………………we will be home and enjoying the holiday quietly!


  7. Sundae’s gift to Donna is so sweet. They are friends for life now! We will be at the racetrack tonight for the fireworks if it doesn’t rain and will watch the fireworks tomorrow night at Ft. Monroe if we can see them from our yard. Happy 4th. I remember our 4th visit to Reedsville. So fun!

  8. Sundae – You ROCK! And that guest bedroom looks great Dianna. I know Donna must have loved her visit with you.

  9. R5F already ?! – great country lane & flag at sunset pics ….
    it’s good to see Guillermo improving, and I’d definitely say Donna’s on Sundae’s good side !
    Happy 4th to everybody !

  10. Happy 4th to you and your family.

  11. Love the shot of the flag. Beautiful! Happy 4th! ~ Sheila

  12. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Thanks for bring back some wonderful country summers memories, Dianna. I am so thankful that William is doing so much better! How could Donna and Sundae not like each other! That country lane or road sent a lot of memories flowing too. The picture of your flag is breath taking. Chuck and I spending the weekend with Connie and going to a Horne Family Reunion on the 4th. Looking forward to being with family. Happy 4th to you and JR.

  13. Great 5! And Kitties and their gifts-Kozmo gifted his Daddy with a dead mouse, carefully placed in his chair, yesterday!
    Happy 4th of July!!!

  14. Our saying for corn around here is ‘knee high by the 4th of July.’ That means success for the sweet corn (of course we are a lot farther north than you). Loved seeing that video of little William! And as always, your random 5 is great!

  15. Sundae has a new friend, for sure. We went to Roanoke for the weekend, steam locomotive ride, museum tours.

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