Random Five Friday

Perhaps it’s the lazy days of summer, but blogging seems to have become increasingly difficult recently.  I know I’m not alone, since fellow bloggers have posted the same sentiments.  Here are five completely somewhat random thoughts:

1.) Our frequent rain showers that we were enjoying earlier in the summer have come to an end, and keeping plants alive is now requiring daily watering. Adding to my chores is this beautiful planter I discovered at Lowe’s this week. I think it’s worth it.

deck plant 7-23-2015 6-20-37 AM

2.)  Sure wish I could grow zinnias as pretty as these.

zinnias 6-17-2015 10-06-20 AM

3.) We’ve had some amazing skies recently, including this sunrise from yesterday morning.  There are some advantages in being an early riser.

sunrise2 7-23-2015 6-10-16 AM

4.)  The biggest race of the year is tomorrow night at our local track.  The weather forecast for tomorrow evening: clear and in the upper 70’s. Sounds just about perfect.


5.) Our family reunion is scheduled to be at our house on August 1. We’re hoping for nice weather, as opposed to this, the day of the reunion two years ago. (See Random Thought #1 above….)

rain 8-3-2013 2-59-05 PM

Happy weekend! Wishing you nice weather…unless you need a rain shower.

~These Days Of Mine~

12 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. Here’s to some perfect weather coming your way – for the race, for your reunion and “just because” !! Love the new planter……………


  2. We’re doing a lot of daily watering too, Dianna. That is truly an amazing sky. Thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend.

  3. Love your back porch, it always looks so well tended to 🙂 Have fun at the races tomorrow, sounds like perfect weather for it. And I remember your prior post about the reunions – and the rain – but you all still had a great time, in the garage I think? 😀 Happy weekend!

  4. BEAUITFUL planter- definitely worth the attention needed. We do need a good shower of rain – hope it misses the races. Zinnias are a wonderful splash of color along that fence line. Sounds like you’ve got the summer slowdown that coms from all the hot, hazy, weather. Good weekend to you.

  5. Your plant is a show stopper!! I never did get any sweet potato vine, so I will just enjoy the beauty of yours. Our family reunion is August 1 as well, so there will be a few of us hoping for good weather! I don’t know how you blog regularly like you do, I am just glad you do!! Good weekend, hope to see you soon! Still love that sunset!!

  6. Very pretty planter. The rain has stopped for awhile here too and we’ve had some nice summer days but temps are rising this week and I don’t like the heat. I saw a sign at one of our local flower shops that said, “The rain stopped and the sun came out. We got

  7. Whoops! Accidentally hit the send button. The rest of the sign quote was “we got so excited, we wet our plants.” Thought it was funny!

  8. I do remember that family reunion a couple of years back … hopefully we never have a repeat of that day !
    Those are some nice zinnias ; )
    & .. here’s to perfect weather for the race tomorrow !

  9. We could use some of that rain! I have never seen the Kettle River behind our house this low this early in the summer.
    Love your shots!

  10. I LOVE the planter with the sweet potato vine! And your photo of the rainy day reunion is fabulous. Your random thoughts are sure worth sharing. 🙂 Thanks. ~

  11. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    That planter is lovely! Hope you and JR have a good time at the race. Hope the weather is good for your reunion.

  12. That is a pretty planter. I hesitate to get another container, as you said, they must be catered to daily. My neighbor’s zinnias look like that. She said she just sprinkled some packets of seeds in the bed and that’s what she got. I like the rustic white fence, too. That has to be one of the best sunrises ever! I remember you posting that rainy family reunion photo. Hopefully your weather will be perfect this year.

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