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Random Five Friday

A mainly “wild” Random Five today:

1.) As we were leaving home recently, we noticed this deer having our neighbor’s  begonias for dinner.  Motor Man took this picture, since the deer was on his side of the vehicle.  I cropped it in order to show the deer better.  They’re pretty creatures, but  they do wreak havoc on our plants.

deer close up 7-3-2015 3-45-17 PM

2.) Another deer story: Motor Man and I sat down to dinner Tuesday evening (yes, friends, we DO eat at home occasionally), and noticed a deer just a foot or two from our kitchen window, dining on a hanging petunia. They’ve also been eating the blooms on my phlox in that same area. And yesterday morning, I saw that they’d destroyed my mandevilla that USED to be on that white obelisk in the corner.  So I “constructed a fence”; yeah, we’ll see how much that helps. Obviously, they have now acquired a taste for Liquid Fence. (Update: after erecting the fence, I actually caught a deer RED-HANDED in the forbidden area. Andthe phlox? Nearly demolished. And I know I heard him laughing at my fence design.)

deer fence1

3.) Less destructive is my little herd of ducks.  Earlier this week, I was neglectful and had actually backed out of the driveway without feeding them breakfast.  They quickly came from their normal feeding location in the side yard to flag me down as I was leaving.

ducks 7-6-2015 7-53-34 AM

4.) Not quite wildlife, but some of you may be ready for a Gypsy update.  Most mornings, when Motor Man gets to the shop, Gypsy needs demands attention.  She sits between him and his computer monitor until he reclines in the chair, so she can lie on his chest. (Please excuse Motor Man’s filing system there on the wall.)

 jr and gyp

5.) And an update on Guillermo/William, the tiny foal that was once one of the wild horses of Corolla. (Now that he’s been in the care of humans, he will be adopted rather than returned to the herd.)  I’ve shared this video with my Facebook friends, but thought it might bring a smile to others as well. So happy that little William is enjoying life.

Happy weekend!

~These Days Of Mine~

Summer Storm

For the past few days, we’ve had thunderstorms every evening.  The rain has been nice, since it’s meant that I haven’t had to drag garden hoses all over the yard to water plants.

But Sunday night’s storms were of the severe sort; the kind with the crackling/sizzling lightning strikes that let you know the storm is close.  In fact, a lightning strike started a house fire two streets over from us. The house is, most likely, a total loss.  It was beyond frightening to look out our window and see flames probably 30+ feet in the air. There were no injuries, but our thoughts are with the family as they deal with the loss of their home and possessions.

Monday evening’s storm was much less fierce.  Because it was cloudy, I hadn’t given any thought to the sunset. Then, I checked Facebook and noticed a photo that our niece, Liz, who lives nearby, had posted of a massive storm cloud. And I headed outside, camera in hand.

storm cloud and sun 7-6-2015 8-01-13 PM

It was eerie. And beautiful at the same time.

storm cloud and marina 7-6-2015 8-02-04 PM

Rain was definitely on the way.

sun rain clouds2 7-6-2015 8-05-13 PM

But, white swan wasn’t concerned in the least. She was just interested in dinner.

swan 7-6-2015 8-01-31 PM

Thanks, Liz, for the heads-up.

 clouds birds 7-6-2015 8-13-23 PM

I would have been disappointed to miss that photo op.

~These Days Of Mine~

Our Fourth

Motor Man and I spent July 4 at the Outer Banks. I readily admit that I had serious doubts about driving there on a weekend, especially a holiday weekend.

And, indeed, that morning, it took us an hour and 15 minutes to drive five miles once we got to the area. (For those of you familiar with the Outer Banks, that was from the bypass to the town of Duck.)

But once we got ON the beach, what a wonderful day we had: sunny skies with puffy white clouds, temps in the mid 80’s and a wonderful breeze. It was a windows-down kind of day.

Add horses to that mix, and the day was just about perfect.

horse on dune 7-4-2015 11-06-49 AM

What a treat this was!  In this semi-secluded location, we saw a total of 21 horses. Look at that beauty on the far left with the “highlights” in her mane.

pasture 7-4-2015 11-40-41 AM

We most certainly were NOT the only folks on the beach.

folks on the beach 7-4-2015 1-06-33 PM

And although I love photographing “my” horses, this is perhaps my favorite picture taken that day.

dunes and flag 7-4-2015 1-26-40 PM

I should have known that Motor Man would make the day fun – even having to deal with holiday traffic.  Oh, and that five mile stretch that took so long to travel Saturday morning?  We made the return trip that afternoon in 12 minutes.

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

Five randoms to begin the Fourth of July weekend:

1.)  Of my six uncles, only one was a “bonafide” farmer, but I think the other five all had gardens. So did my mom and probably all five of her sisters at one time or another.  Summertime visits to my grandmother’s, where the aunts and uncles gathered frequently, brought about talk of corn “tossling” (tassling) as well as ripening tomatoes. I seem to recall that if either of those things happened by the Fourth of July, that particular summer’s garden was deemed a success.

2.) Yesterday, I paid a visit of condolence to a dear friend who had lost her son-in-law.  My travels took me through some wonderful Virginia countryside, where I saw quite a bit of corn “tossling” in the fields.

corn field lane 7-2-2015 2-52-10 PM 7-2-2015 2-52-10 PM

3.) You most likely recall my post about baby Guillermo/William from the Corolla Wild Horse herd. We had seen William when he was only three days old, then the following day learned that he had been rushed to a vet hospital in critical condition.  Since that post, William has greatly improved.  The GoFundMe page to help with his medical expenses has resulted in donations of over $22,000 to date, which has enabled him to get the best of care.  Baby William now has a surrogate mother named Pebbles.  This video warmed my heart when the Corolla folks shared it yesterday. To think little William once required CPR and oxygen….

4.)  My friend, Donna, spent last Friday night with us in order to take in the Olden Days festivities.  Sundae was her sleeping companion for much of the night (good thing Donna is a kitty lover).  Saturday afternoon, when I returned home from the festival, I found that, after we left home that morning, Sundae had apparently brought Donna a “gift”.  Sundae had deposited her favorite toy: a stuffed octopus just inside the doorway of the guest bedroom.

sundaes gift1 6-28-2015 6-51-53 PM

5.) Our plans for the Fourth really aren’t in place yet, but our flags sure are.




What are you planning for the holiday weekend?


~ These Days Of Mine~


Lovin’ On Virginia

Last summer, I posted a few photos on the Exploring Virginia Facebook page.  Soon, I received a private message from someone by the name of Tina Pecht, asking permission to use two of those photos in a video she was in the process of making. I, of course, said yes, since I consider it an honor whenever anyone finds my photos worthy of sharing.

This week, Tina messaged me to let me know the video is ready, and she gave me permission to share it here on These Days:

(The photos of mine that Tina used in the video are of Bacon’s Castle in the snow  and Smithfield Station Marina at sunrise.)

Tina is originally from Illinois, but moved to Virginia eighteen years ago.  She’s been making videos for quite some time, at first for friends for special occasions and fundraisers.  Her hobby grew into a business venture, Savvy Slideshows, over five years ago.  She says that it combines her love of photography with her “curiousity about people, places and things”.

She was inspired to create this video after hearing John Tracy’s song, “Virginia Is For Lovers” at a wine festival.

Even though Tina isn’t a native Virginian, it’s obvious that she shares our love of The Old Dominion.  Thanks, Tina, for including my photos in this wonderful video showcasing the beauty of the Commonwealth.

~These Days Of Mine~