The Beauty

Our weather has been so nice recently.  The low humidity has made for beautifully clear skies. So I decided to share a few of my favorite photos of late.

Sunrise at home a couple of weeks ago.

sunrise and trees 10-30-2015 7-24-36 AM

Amazing reflections at the marina just after sunrise yesterday morning.

marina reflections 11-15-2015 8-05-08 AM

On a recent trip to the Outer Banks, Motor Man and I were amazed at all the contrails. We always enjoy our rides on the beach, but having such a pretty day was a bonus.

contrails over beach 11-12-2015 2-58-11 PM

Returning from the beach, we drove through the tiny village of Duck and stopped to get this picture of an anchored sailboat at sunset.

catamaran at duck 11-12-2015 5-17-34 PM

I had finished writing this post last night, when I read one just published by my blogging friend, Beth Anne (It’s Just Life).  In her post, she mentioned the tragedy in Paris, but wrote that, in events like that, she looks for those helping the ones who are hurt. Although there is much evil in our world, we need to remember that everything isn’t bad. She has hope, and she chooses to focus on the good.

After reading her post, I wondered if, subconsciously, that’s why I decided to post photos of clouds, sunrises and sunsets today.  Perhaps, without even realizing it, I chose to share a little beauty, in contrast to the sadness of recent events.

~These Days Of Mine~

11 responses to “The Beauty

  1. Sunsets, beaches and mother nature are definitely powerful and peaceful images in contrast to all the ugliness man inflicts on man. It’s sad, but remembering that there is more GOOD in the world than evil helps. We just have to believe that………………


  2. Your photo are so beautiful.I love the sailboat.
    Strangers helping those injured helps me to believe that the good out number the evil.

  3. Beautiful, just beautiful. I remember reading somewhere that we should always look for the helpers in situations like this.

  4. Your photos were so calming for me this morning – a hectic start to a Monday. Thanks for the reflection and opportunity to refocus.

  5. I think that was the case exactly. You were looking for something beautiful in the sadness and ugliness of the past few days. I love your positivity and your pictures are an example of looking for the extraordinary in the ordinary. My motto. Love and hugs.

  6. That could very well be the reason…
    The sailboat pic is awesome !

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    We all need to look for the good in evil as hard as it can be. Our Lord gives us hope in everything if we look for it.
    A very appropriate and lovely post, Dianna, thank you for reminding us love and good is always there, we just have to look for it in bad times.

  8. It is hard not to get discouraged but we have to remember the heart of the word terrorist is TERROR — I refuse to give in to a bunch of faceless cowards who sneak in to harm others. I baked a cake and celebrated youngest boy’s birthday noisily and gratefully. This post reminds us to look up and around and with wonder at all that there is that is good.


  9. The photos are so peaceful and serene. It’s just what we need on days like this. Thank you!

  10. Always love the boats in the slips and the reflections are amazing!

  11. And you reallly do have an eye for beauty Dianna. Your photos are stunning.

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