If You Don’t Like The Weather…

For years, I’ve heard the saying: “If you don’t like the weather in Virginia, just stick around for a little while:  it will change.”

Case in point: last week, we had a couple of days of record-breaking high temperatures.  Flowers are confused: some folks even spotted irises in bloom.  In late December.

But, yesterday was quite a different story.  In our area of southeast Virginia, we had snow flurries, quite heavy at times.  And high temperatures struggled to make it out of the twenties. I don’t even want to think about the wind chill.

Two hours south of us in the Outer Banks, the snow was a somewhat bigger deal. Schools were open on a two-hour delay yesterday morning. Someone shared this photo on Facebook. This is a fishing pier in Nags Head, N.C.  It looks like a scene from the northeast part of the country.

Courtesy Sandlife Photography

Courtesy Sandlife Photography

Other than snowflakes, we just had some pretty awesome clouds.

sunset and clouds 1-4-2016 4-46-08 PM

Today, we’re expecting sunshine and temps in the upper forties.  But we know how fickle the weather is, so we’ll just stick around for awhile to see what changes there will be.

And how’s your weather?

~These Days Of Mine~

12 responses to “If You Don’t Like The Weather…

  1. The snow flurries caused ripples of hope with our students that school would close early. It was pretty seeing snowflakes and sunshine at the same time. Motor Man is right about Tidewater weather. Now, let’s see what today brings.

  2. The skies seem to hover, doesn’t winter just bring the most beautiful and colorful skies? 🙂

  3. Incredible and mind boggling post when you see the numbers and images laid out that way! All I know is I wish I had taken advantage of the warmer days more!

  4. On Christmas day, we were in shorts, this morning, it’s in the teens. Way too cold for my thin blood.

  5. Super cold….like yours only a few degrees colder. It was eleven degrees this morning. YUCK.


  6. This is the perfect blizzard. Here today, gone tomorrow. No shovelling, no freeze-over. Just enough for a quick photo. Was over before I could get my shovel or camera. Yeah, I can live with this.
    Clyde in Portsmouth.

  7. Only a dusting of snow on the ground here but oh, mercy, it’s been cold. Eight degrees yesterday when I got up. A bit hard to take since it was in the 60’s just a week ago. I’d say winter has finally arrived!

  8. The clouds have been great ! –
    & I saw 51 degrees on the thermometer about 20 minutes ago .. much nicer !

  9. We have 42 degrees with rain on the way. Perfect for curling up and reading a book. We are always ready for the weather to change… 🙂

  10. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Same here in VA Beach. Cold, snow, and some sun. Crazy, but it is Virginia weather that is for sure.

  11. 50s are looking good now! LOL (I peeked into the forecast.)

  12. It’s snowy here–and supposed to get really cold over the week-end.

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