Meeting In The Middle

You may recall reading about my blogging friend, Pam. She assists her kitty, Sam, in writing the blog One Spoiled Cat.  Pam and I became friends several years ago; I think Sam and I began blogging around the same time.

Pam and her husband, Dave, live about three hours from us. On several occasions, we have met somewhere in the middle for lunch and a bit of antiquing.  Last week, we met in Ashland, Virginia.  It’s about a 90-minute drive for each couple, so that seemed to work well.

The antique shop was nice; an employee met us at the door with: “We have fresh coffee if you’d like some” spoken with a southwestern Virginia accent. After a quick once-over of the shop, Motor Man and Dave found a semi-comfortable bench on which to sit and chat.

Pam and I perused the shop a bit more slowly than our hubbies did. They overheard: “Ooh, isn’t this cute?” and “Hmm, what do you think this is?” and “We used to have one of these!”   Pam and I share emails everyday, so you wouldn’t think we’d have a lot to talk about when we meet in person.  But you would be wrong.

When we finished at the antique shop, we ventured across the street for lunch at what may be the smallest restaurant either of us had ever seen.  And over that tiny table, we exchanged Christmas gifts, then enjoyed a yummy lunch.

Pam took  this picture of Motor Man and me:


I took this one of the two of them:

pam and dave 12-29-2015 12-51-05 PM

And we commandeered a fellow diner to take one of the four of us:

four of us at va bbq 12-29-2015 1-30-03 PM

When I began this blogging adventure over five years ago, I never realized that it would result in such a special friendship. Pam is one of the sweetest people I know.

The friendship we share is a wonderful by-product of this blogging hobby.

~These Days of Mine~

16 responses to “Meeting In The Middle

  1. The beginning of a wonderful friendship! Intrigued by the tiny restaurant -I had heard you mention how good the barbecue was. It is wonderful all your blogging friends share a love of poking around flea markets – a wonderful thing! So glad you had a great day trip to meet a friend.

  2. It was a wonderful day dear Dianna……..David and I love visiting with you and MM and antiquing and eating are just TWO of the reasons why we love it……the other reasons are about friendship and fun and sharing. We just need to do that more often – once a year is great BUT…..!!!!!!

    Hugs, Pam
    p.s. David and I have giggled several times since then about that TINY restaurant….two tables truly is SMALL.

  3. You are a wonderful friend to anyone who has the luxury of calling you theirs! Fun post 🙂 MJ

  4. Awww, I am glad you had a great time! Very nice of the diner to click a picture of the four of you… very nice picture! So wonderful that you can get together and really talk and have LUNCH! Yes, a fun post!

  5. And that is what i absolutely love about blogging. The relationships that are made and the friendships that form. Looks like a great day!

  6. How great that you two keep up such a nice friendship – and include your hubbys! I see that you were in my neck of the woods; I’m only about 10 minutes from Ashland. Come on up again and I’ll show you more antique shops (Have you been to Classy Trash on Rt 1? More like a ‘treasure’ shop, but some great stuff there!) And some of the restaurants on the tracks are delightful.

  7. Wonderful! Friends make life smile! …And that is a small restaurant – sounds good though. Eating and Antiquing – 2 of my favorites.

  8. Very glad you had such a great day with your great friends!

  9. Anyone who calls you friend, Dianna, has a true treasure. Sounds like you had just the perfect day.

  10. Looks like another great trip!
    & the restaurant looks like the perfect place for a quick bite at lunchtime ….

  11. I never would have imagined when I signed up for WP, I’d end up cultivating such wonderful friendships.
    Thanks for sharing your story and the great photos, Dianna!

  12. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Where ever we found friendship is a blessing. You and Pam have truly been blessed. Wow, a two table restaurant is different

  13. You guys are so lucky! I love both you and Pam (and Sundae, Gypsy and Sammy)
    And belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We don’t blog or comment as much as we would like since making the move to Vancouver,
    Many Nellie Kisses
    Nellie and Mommy

  14. Blogging is one of the best decisions I ever made. Ashland looks like a neat town. I drive through there occasionally when I take backroads instead of

  15. Oh! I have hinted to a few of my blogging friends how I am up for traveling about 90 mins to 2 hours to meet! I hope someday this happens since I have 3 dear friends but none of them “get” how bloggers can connect.
    Your photos are wonderful and y’all fit together like peas in a pod. Smiles, Robin

  16. How wonderful to have such good friends! And I think Motorman and Dave look like brothers.

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