You’re Not Gonna Believe It

If you missed Monday’s post, I Should’ve Listened, you might want to read that before continuing with today’s post.

Ever since the minute Motor Man learned that my cell phone had gone overboard, he had been entertaining the notion of retrieving it from the bottom of the river.

I really didn’t think there would ever be a possibility of that happening. Plus within 48 hours of the “incident”,  my replacement phone was in hand and activated, my contacts transferred, and all my pictures were safe in my “cloud”.

But Wednesday afternoon, when I returned home from running errands, I noticed that the tide was exceptionally low.

low tide 1-20-2016 2-24-31 PM

I called Motor Man, who happened to also be on his way home.  We walked out on the marina walkway…..and he spotted my phone….. on its end….. in the mud.

We came home and grabbed a telescoping tree lopper tool, the duct tape, then borrowed a fish net with a handle from a friend, and back to the marina we went.

He taped the fish net to the handle of the lopper –

fish net 1-20-2016 3-04-55 PM

And, on the second attempt, “netted” my phone.

cell phone in net 1-20-2016 3-05-37 PM

Just think of the story it could tell, five days underwater before being “saved”.

muddy phone 1-20-2016 3-06-44 PM

Please note that these pictures were NOT taken with my new cell phone. It was secure in the safety of our vehicle. These were taken with our camera, safely strapped around my neck.

Whether or not the phone is still functional, we haven’t determined yet.  But it’s nice to know that it’s no longer at the bottom of the river.

My Motor Man, he does love a challenge.

~These Days Of Mine~

17 responses to “You’re Not Gonna Believe It

  1. Nice “rescue at sea” !!


  2. What an amazing rescue! Just love the determination.

  3. Put it in rice and see what happens. Great story!

  4. Cover the phone in rice in a sealed container. It is supposed to be the best way to dry electronics, but I don’t know how long you are supposed to leave them in.

  5. Looks pretty good… considering 😀 I truly didn’t think that Motor Man would just let that phone be lost at sea!

  6. That is such a hilarious story! What are the odds you know?

  7. Cracks me up! Keep us posted on the health status of the phone, please!

  8. He was a great neighbor to have around! He helped get the water back on at the pier when we were “living” on our boat. That was just the beginning of a good neighbor and friendship!

  9. Oh my goodness, who would have ‘thunk’ it?? That Motor Man, he’s not only a keeper, he’s a rescuer! Keep us posted on the health of the drowned cell phone. 😉

  10. Wouldn’t it be funny if you would have actually retrieved someone else’s phone!?

  11. Great photo documentation of the rescue, Dianna! Whether it works or not, just having it back must make you feel better.

  12. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    JR is like Chuck, nothing they can’t do. They always come to our aid. Glad you got your phone back. You guys stay safe and warm in this weather.

  13. That is mind boggling! And to imagine it was retrieved just before this snow storm and strong winds! And the fact that you were able to see it through murky winter waters, remember exactly where you dropped it….Whewww! A lot of “what ifs”. But that is exactly what makes you and Motor Man a pretty good team!! A really incredible story. Now I want to hear if anything can be salvaged. The story continues…..

  14. Great rescue – I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the phone works after it’s dried out.

  15. Yay! Another win for Motor Man! Better to have it in your hands than being found by someone else.

  16. Oh Dianna! What a find! Sorry you had this mishap, but at least you have your phone function restored, and you got a great story out of it! Seeing the weather tonight, I hope you’re tucked in and staying warm! Be safe! ~ Sheila

  17. Who knew it’d end this way ?!

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