Scenes From Jonas’ Visit

Winter storm, Jonas, paid us a visit over the weekend. Thankfully, we were on the outskirts of the storm, so we were spared snowfall measurable in feet rather than inches.

Friday, we had a little snow.  And we had a visitor, looking for handout meal. My niece, Donna, commented that, with feet like that, he definitely doesn’t need snowshoes.


Later that afternoon, the snow turned to sleet/freezing rain. I’m not really sure how to tell the difference. But with the wind and that frozen precipitation, we were just relieved not to lose electricity.

frozen rain 1-22-2016 4-40-22 PM

Before the second round of snow came, we had some mild tidal flooding.  This was taken Saturday morning just a couple of miles from us.

flooding at mr spadys 1-23-2016 11-28-13 AM

There have only been a few times that I can recall our area experiencing anything remotely like a blizzard. And, although we didn’t really have enough snow accumulation to define this storm as a blizzard, Saturday afternoon’s conditions came close.

blizzard 1-23-2016 2-53-53 PM

We were hunkered down inside.

Yesterday morning, Motor Man happened to glance out the window and called for me to come look.  Then came coat, boots and a trudge through the snow to get these pictures.

moonset 1-24-2016 7-10-10 AM

Marshall and I are always interested in the names of the full moons.  The January moon is the “Old Moon”, the “Moon After Yule”, or, appropriately this month, the “Full Snow Moon”.  (The Moon After Jonas just doesn’t have the same ring.)

sunday morning moon 1-24-2016 7-10-13 AM

After seeing news coverage of Jonas, we’re thankful that his visit was brief.  I suppose you could say that he didn’t stay long enough to unpack his bags.

~These Days Of Mine~

11 responses to “Scenes From Jonas’ Visit

  1. It was an amazing weekend of extremes and you captured it beautifully. It was hard on everyone man and beast alike, but we did not loose electricity and it was capped off by that gorgeous moon last night. We survived!

  2. Well he sure did “unpack his bags” here! Glad you made it through with power intact. In spite of our 30 inches of snow nobody up here lost power thank heavens. That moon was amazing wasn’t it?


  3. Glad you dodged the worst of it! It looks heartbreaking on TV. That swan just cracks me up… he knows a softhearted hoomin when he meets her! We didn’t see a moon last night… pffft! At least I get to see your pretty pictures… 🙂

  4. We had the same weather as you, sleet and freezing rain. Thankfully, we didn’t lose power either…it sure was cold even with the heat. Glad you’re safe!

  5. Beautiful photos as usual and also telling a story! I’m glad it wasn’t worse. We are enjoying our 2 feet of snow here in PA and glad we got our household moved and stored before the storm!

  6. I was worried the whole time that the power was about to go… but it never did- thankfully…
    Great pics ! – & they look even better at the moment – with the sun shining outside & temps in the 40’s ; )

  7. Glad you weathered the snow and ice nicely and your power didn’t go out. You got some great photos from it all and that’s a plus!

  8. I’m thankful we didn’t get the 2+ feet either. My daughter did and the kids LOVED it! I was even more thankful not to lose power either. Love the Swan and the Full Snow Moon – never heard that before. It was beautiful here yesterday morning too.

  9. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    It certainly was a little storm with a big impact. Pictures really capture it, Dianna.

  10. I’m a bit behind on reading my favorite blogs. Glad to read that you came through with only a bit of snow and no major flooding and the swans are ok. We received about 2 feet and it is melting away fairly quickly. As for weather…freezing rain is rain that freezes when it hits a cold surface – the ground, wires, etc. Sleet is already frozen coming down. And a blizzard has more to do with the speed and duration of wind and whiteout conditions more than the quantity of snow falling. You can have a blizzard with wind just blowing already fallen snow back up off of the ground and causing poor visibility for a certain amount of time.

  11. I hope none of Jonas’ relatives decide to pay us a visit. Glad things went along smoothly for you, especially the electricity!

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