Anyone Have A Scratch Pad?

Yesterday, this envelope was delivered to our shop. Note the postmark: February 27.

envelope1a 3-10-2016 12-02-001

Inside was a notice of the results of a routine test that I’d had done recently. (The results were good.) Note the date of the correspondence: January 25.

envelope2a 3-10-2016 12-03-41 PM

But, what makes this interesting (and I noticed this before I ever opened the mail), is this writing on the back of the envelope.


I’m not sure what the recipe is for (I would guess some sort of punch).  I Googled Scarlett’s Cozy Cottage, and found it to be an online shop. And I’m not able to read the word at the bottom: “Funfurri” doesn’t bring up any results online.

Motor Man guesses that an office employee used my envelope for note paper, then put it in her purse and carried it around for a month before discovering it and finally mailing it.

I’m glad the test results were good, and not something that needed my immediate attention.

(Meanwhile, thankfully, I’d  gotten the results electronically from my doctor’s office weeks ago.)

~These Days Of Mine~

13 responses to “Anyone Have A Scratch Pad?

  1. That is so funny! First off, I use envelopes all the times as notepads (my effort at recycling ). BUT once I found it in my purse, I beleive I would have put in a fresh envelope (it is a DR’S office) Maybe they thought you needed a party punch list since your test results were good!

  2. Good grief……that has happened to us before – someone got OUR mail, sat it on their counter and didn’t even LOOK to make sure it was theirs – in our case someone wrote down a time and place (maybe a secret meeting?)…..but you have to wonder. I know David checks the mail AT the mailbox to be sure it’s ours………!!


  3. I agree with Donna, this is hilarious! I have never received any type of mailing that had a grocery list handwritten on the back!! At first I thought you were making note of how long it took to receive it….and I was thinking that happens to me all the time…but little did I know what was coming!!

  4. Oh my word. I’m glad your results were good, Dianna. Do you plan to try the punch recipe? 🙂

  5. UNREAL!!! Don’t you wonder sometime? I can imagine how horrified the person must have felt when they realized what they had done. Punch recipe sounds good. Glad your results were good and that you’d already gotten them.

  6. Hahaha! Now that’s a good one. Kind of like finding a note in a bottle 100 years from now.

  7. I bet your mail was wrongfully delivered to someone else’s house where it sat unopened for who knows how long – well, long enough to become scratch paper for sure! And then, whoops, that person realized it wasn’t their mail and put it back in the post. We’ve had mail delivered to our house that was from another city before! I always put it back in the mail the next day but I’m one of those folks who looks at and opens the mail every day.

  8. Funny!
    & yes: glad it wasn’t anything that needed your attention…
    I do wonder what that last bit of writing is, though ..

    • .. look up “Funfari” – jungle-themed party supplies.. & the punch recipe sounds like it could be for that !

  9. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I wonder about our Postal Service a lot. When I was working, we received a rental check post marked a year later than the present date.

  10. Ha! That’s priceless. That’s likely exactly what happened. I love little gems like this, getting a glimpse into another’s life, often a scribbled note misplaced. I’ll even pick up shopping lists from the ground, rain and snow stomped, and enjoy reading them. I like to imagine the families or birthday parties behind the list. But lucky all’s well with the important results!

  11. Now that’s crazy! LOL Thankful for online medical records.

  12. Yikes! thankful it all turned out OK but wow … MJ

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