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Woo-Hoo Wednesday!

Can you bear two horse-related posts in as many days? I sure hope so, because I have wonderful news:

Yesterday, I posted about the Burr-Tillis amendment, regarding the herd size of the Corolla Wild Horses .  It went before the Senate yesterday…..and…..


This is such a good thing for the horses. It means that the herd size will now be mandated to be not fewer than 110, and possibly as many as  120 to 130. A herd of this size means more blood lines and less chance for genetic problems for the horses.

stallion on the beach 1-30-2016 2-47-53 PM

As I said yesterday, politics is a subject I know very little about, so I have no idea how this bill came to pass after it had stalled in the Senate in the past. And that’s not important; what matters is that it did.

Here’s the link to a funny moment during the vote.


(I’ve researched, but haven’t yet been able to learn which Senator provided that little bit of humor.)

For those of you who called your Senators, thank you.  Whether or not our calls made any difference, we may never know.  And that’s okay.

This has been the hope of the folks at the Corolla Wild Horse Fund for quite some time. I’m happy for all of them, and I’m delighted for “my” wild horses.

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