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Have You Ever Wondered?

When you see a contrail in the sky, do you ever wonder what kind of plane it is, where it departed and where it’s going?

Monday afternoon on our way home, Motor Man and I noticed a particularly wide contrail.  He commented that the plane must be really large.

When he came in the house, he immediately logged on to one of his favorite web-sites, Flight Aware.  He learned that it was a United Airlines plane, a Boeing 747.  It had departed Hunter Air Force Base in Savannah, Georgia, and was en route to Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany.  The length of the flight was a little less than eight hours, and the plane was traveling in excess of 600 miles per hour.

By the time I thought about taking a picture, the contrail had nearly dissipated.

contrail 4-4-2016 5-41-05 PM

Although Motor Man is on that site often, we’ve really only “researched” a particular contrail a time or two in the past.

Isn’t that internet amazing?

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