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Random Five Friday

My five random thoughts for today:

1.)Recently in our travels,  Motor Man and I happened by this goat family.  From the gruff old billy goat (get it?) to those sweet little babies, we had all age groups covered in this one picture. By the way, their owner had just called them to dinner.

goat family 3-23-2016 6-57-04 PM

2.)  My Motor Man captured this pretty picture of the full moon a couple of weeks ago. I was very impressed: nighttime photography is tricky.

jrs moon 3-23-2016 7-52-36 PM

3.) And “golden hour” photography isn’t just for outdoors. I love the early morning light in our dining room.

dining room 3-31-2016 7-11-24 AM

4.) You may recall this sweet-faced feral kitty who used to reside behind our shop.

outback kitten-001

I have good news in several regards.  Good news #1: she and her mom, Miss Curly Ears,

curl eared kitty 10-20-2015 1-38-14 PM

…have both been tamed and adopted by commercial tenants of ours. Good news # 2: the calico kitten is now a mommy of six.


Good news #3: I think three of the six are pre-adopted.  And Good news #4: grandmommy, mommy and kittens now live in a building directly behind our shop, so I can visit whenever I want. (I’m trying not to be a pest.)

5.)  This will be a repeat for those of you who are Facebook friends of mine.  This week, a friend of mine shared this cute video:


Although it’s a very sweet video (gotta love a man who likes cats), I was completely astonished by how much that guy favors my Marshall.  Since Marshall is rarely seen without his Phish cap, I thought I’d share a “hatless” picture of him from a few years ago.  They say everyone has a twin, and I do believe we have found Marshall’s.

marshall 10-30-2010 2-15-28 PM

Your Friday randoms?



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