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Big Time In A Small Town

Yesterday, as I was writing today’s post, I thought for sure that I had scheduled it to publish this morning. Somehow (I’m not at all sure how), it published while I was smack dab in the middle of a sentence.

My stats show me that I have 72 followers who receive an email each time one of my posts is published.  So, 72 of you were left wondering what in the world happened.

Even more interesting, I had just about decided to trash that entire post. And now I feel that I must finish it. So here goes:

If you’re a Nascar fan, you know that Smithfield Foods is a sponsor of Richard Petty Motorsports.  And most of you probably know that Smithfield Foods headquarters is in our little town of ….Smithfield.

Last Thursday, Richard, himself, came to town as part of an event on the “Foods” headquarters campus.

Although Motor Man had met Richard many years ago and spent time with him at a drag race in Richmond, we decided to join the crowd and take a couple of items to be autographed by “King Richard”.

The first was a model of his race car from 1992, the year that Richard retired from racing.

db and petty 4-21-2016 5-11-45 PM

And the second was a collage print  from that same year. (For those of you not familiar, Gwaltney Packing Company was a sponsor of Petty’s at that time.  Gwaltney was later purchased by Smithfield Foods.)

petty collage 4-24-2016 4-41-26 PM

Someone had given this collage to Motor Man during that time period.

jr and richard 4-21-2016 5-11-59 PM

The thought crossed my mind:  I wonder just how many autographs Richard Petty has given?  Does he ever tire of signing his name?

richard and jr 4-21-2016 5-12-06 PM

Apparently not.  He graciously greeted every person in line, signed whatever item(s) they had and wished them a nice day.

richard petty 4-21-2016 5-16-32 PM

And, now, you know the rest of the story.

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