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Biker Dudes And AAA

Saturday afternoon, Motor Man and I attended the 10th anniversary celebration for Currituck Barbecue. That’s the restaurant whose owner purchased and moved the Rosenwald school that I wrote about in last Wednesday’s post.

While there, we officially met the owner, Paul, and wished him well with the restoration of the school house.

db and paul 4-16-2016 3-56-003

Free food (barbecue, catfish and fixings) was part of the celebration under the pavilion, but Motor Man and I had lunch in the restaurant so we could order our chicken chunks.

It just happens that this past weekend was Bike Week at the Outer Banks, and a group of bikers en route to the beach was also having lunch at the restaurant. Motor Man and I had chosen seats in a small area off to the side of the main dining room, and Motor Man was sitting in the corner. As the bikers were leaving, one of them smiled at me and said: “Well, how are you today, young lady?”.   I was waiting for him to step around the corner and spot Motor Man, but he never did. He was just being mannerly, I’m sure. But, yes,  it gave Motor Man some material to work with, and he has teased me ever since about nearly getting “picked up” by a biker.

We spent some time under the pavilion, looking at photos of the Rosenwald school project, and as we were leaving,  Motor Man realized that he’d locked the keys in our vehicle.

 Thankfully, we have AAA.

jr and AAA guy 4-16-2016 5-03-04 PM

When the young man arrived and started working,  it took him less than five minutes to unlock our doors.

AAA guy

And for Motor Man to retrieve his keys.

jr with keys 4-16-2016 5-05-19 PM

Chicken chunks, biker dudes and AAA – all in a Saturday afternoon.

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