Random Five Friday

The end of another week, which means it’s time for five randoms:

1.) Yes, I told myself a few weeks ago that I wasn’t going to buy many flowers this spring. Allow me to introduce you to the first batch.  I’m waiting for the rain to subside, so I can plant them.

to be planted 5-5-2016 3-05-30 PM

2.) Sundae has an appointment Monday for her check-up. (Shhhh, she doesn’t know yet.)

sundae on quilt 5-5-2016 10-21-11 AM

3.) It’s only fitting that some of my randoms this week pertain to Mother’s Day.  This picture was taken on my first Mother’s Day as a mom.  I’m wearing a red rose for my mother, and Marshall’s red rosebud is pinned to his hat.

marshall mom mothers day 11-8-2001 8-31-12 PM

4.) I don’t think I’ve ever shared this photo of my mom and me. She was 43 when I was born, then my dad died when I was just eight months old.

mom and dianne 1-22-2010 8-19-28 PM

A favorite picture of Motor Man and his mom.  This quote seems appropriate: “A man loves his sweetheart the most, his wife the best, but his mother the longest.” ~Irish Proverb

jr and mom2 10-25-2015 12-10-19 PM

5.)  And, finally, several folks close to me have lost their mothers since last Mother’s Day.  The first one hurts the worst, but the holiday is never quite the same once she’s gone.

~These Days Of Mine~

14 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. What a wonderful Irish Proverb.Thanks for sharing your beautiful photographs, Dianna. Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. Oh, Dianna,especially poignant. Tears. Loved the Irish proverb. You are right. Mothers day never the same no matter how many years.

  3. So sweet. A loving tribute to very special people. I’m so very thankful that my Mom is still here for me to love in person. She’s still my ‘show & tell’ person when I sew! She still teaches me how to love. OK, now I have tears in my eyes.

  4. Beautiful post, Dianna. Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  5. Your pictures and sentiments are beautiful Dianna. I love the quote about how men love their sweethearts, wives and moms.

  6. Very fitting for Mother’s Day …
    Great pics !
    & the red, white & blue flowers should make for a good display ……

  7. Sweet photos…..I remember the one of you with Marshall and the roses – the one of you and your Mom is adorable and again I’m struck by how much MM looks like his Mom. Happy Mother’s Day to you Dianna!


  8. Love your first of many purchases of flowers. I will have two pots on my patio and of course I brought from home my antique tea kettle with “that ole’ moss”.

  9. Wonderful group of thoughts you have here. Your tribute to your Moms is beautiful. Your photos are charming and bittersweet. Your words are so true about loosing your Mom & Mother’s Day. It’s never the same.
    I like your flowers. You’re going to have a rainbow of color growing round your yard.
    Poor Sundae girl. Bless her heart, it’s sad we have to unsettle our babies for a day to keep them healthy all year. Hopefully, she’ll get a good check up and will be back to her sweet self in no time.
    I hope your weekend is a beautiful one.

  10. I love the quote about a man and his mother. And, the pictures of you and Motorman with your mothers are priceless.

  11. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I was pretty sure you would plant flowers again the spring. I love what you have picked out so far. You are much like me you have wonderful memories of a very special Mother that be with you tomorrow. Love the family pictures so good to have to look back on. Have a Happy & Blessed Mother’s Day, Dianna. ❤

  12. Love the photos and the quote! Happy Mother’s Day to you, hope it was wonderful! ~ Sheila

  13. Oh, Dianna – it makes me sad to read that your Dad died when you were just 8 mos old. Since I was so close to my Dad growing up, I can’t imagine not experiencing the strong love of an earthly father – unless your Mother did get remarried – to a gentle and kind loving man like MM!
    Know you were treated special and felt loved this Mother’s Day by both MM and your awesome son!

  14. Much truth in #5. Have the deer come to see what you bought them? 😉 Hope Sundae has a good check-up.

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