A Sweet Farewell

My faithful readers will recall Baby William, the Corolla foal born last summer, who had to be removed from the herd because of medical reasons. I’ve written several posts about William.   Motor Man and I have felt a bond with him since we saw him “in the wild” a couple of days before he was taken away for emergency medical treatment to save his life.

Last fall, we attended an Open House at the Corolla Wild Horse Fund rescue facility and met William in person.  He has a HUGE fan club, and many folks came out to see that little celebrity.

Thankfully, William is now completely healthy and has been adopted by a veterinarian in Delaware. The folks at the CWHF decided to have another Open House a couple of weeks ago as a sort of farewell/send-off party for William. Of course, Motor Man, our friend, Donna, and I just had to attend.

sweet william 5-14-2016 3-09-32 PM

We just can’t love on William enough.

donna and wm 5-14-2016 12-36-24 PM

William has a few canine fans in addition to his human ones.

william and boxer 5-14-2016 12-31-39 PM

 Amadeo is the blind stallion who was rescued from the ocean a couple of years ago.  We were surprised to see him out of the pasture at the Open House.  It was just amazing to actually “pet” a former wild stallion, especially one with such an amazing rescue story.

amadeo and db1 5-14-2016 2-04-45 PM 5-14-2016 2-04-45 PM

Last summer, Motor Man and I met a couple, Renee and Mike, on the beach at Corolla. They live in Ohio and have been vacationing in the Outer Banks for several years.  Renee loves the wild horses just as I do.  As we stood on the beach last summer, taking pictures of the horses, we struck up a conversation and later became friends on Facebook.  As it turned out, Renee and Mike were on their way to the Outer Banks the day of William’s Farewell Party, and their route took them right by the rescue facility. So….they stopped by!  Renee follows the CWHF Facebook page and knew William’s story.  She was thrilled to meet him before he moved from the area.

renee noel and william 5-14-2016 2-53-21 PM

And we were happy to be there when they visited. The occasion called for a photo.

renee db and horses 5-14-2016 3-02-48 PM

It was a nice send-off for Sweet William, who arrived at his new home the following day. His story has touched so many people; it’s nice to know that he is well and now has a forever home.

~These Days Of Mine~

15 responses to “A Sweet Farewell

  1. So happy that William survived his very “rocky” start in life and is now happy in his Forever Home. Great photos of a bittersweet day.


  2. So glad this story has a happy ending.

  3. Aw…thank you for sharing this wonderful news about William…it made my day, Dianna.

  4. It was a wonderful day day and so glad to be with you and Motor Man for a second trip to see our brave little William! A beautiful day on so many levels and like you, one of the high points was seeing the sweet blinded formerly wild stallion being lead around grazing, and after a little jumpiness the lure of the sweet grass and the trust of his handler made everything comfortable .To watch training of the Spanish mustangs, buy art, wine tasting with proceeds going to the facility (for the year a check for $11 000).Just a perfect day with William and friends! Live well little friend! Thanks for the journey Dianna and Motor Man!

  5. Have a wonderful life William!

  6. I just love a “and they/HE lived happily after ever’ story! ….And fun for all who could send him off.

  7. Aw, lucky William! I’m a sucker for a happy ending story too. 🙂

  8. Thankyou for sharing the happy-ending-story of Sweet William. Wonderful to see all the pictures and feel that twinge in your heart too.

  9. I love happy endings that are wonderful beginnings.
    Wishing William the best in his new home.
    I’m so glad you got to pet Amadeo. I think you’ve earned finally getting to interact with one of the horses since they’re so much a part of your heart and your life. Thanks for sharing these magnificent creatures on your blog, making them a joyous part of our lives as well. 🙂

  10. reneewilliams7

    So blessed to be a part of this day. Good people, good friends, and Sweet William!

  11. Awesome post !
    I know he has a big fan club … & I think he might know it, too !
    It’s good to see these horses being looked after by caring professionals…

  12. Speechless. Thanks for sharing the wonderful news.

  13. William is so cuddly. It is wonderful to hear he will be cared for by a vet, even though he will have to move. It will be a happy adventure for him. I am particularly fond of Amadeo too and adore him from afar. So nice that you attended the farewell party for William. Priceless photo of the dog and William! Such sweet and beautiful photos.

  14. Sweet story, I’m glad it has a happy ending! And fun that you met another wild horse / Outer Banks enthusiast! Kindred spirits! I’ve been saying for years that area is on my list…it’s still on the list, and moving up! ~ Sheila

  15. That’s wonderful news about William. You make friends so easily. Glad you got to see Renee and Mike again, and they got to see William!

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