Random Five Friday

Where does the time go? It’s Friday again, so here are five random thoughts for today:

 1.) Earlier this week, we had dark clouds late in the day, then the sun came out in time to set. That always makes for dramatic photo opportunities.

golden hour clouds 6-7-2016 8-00-06 PM

2.) Motor Man took this picture of Gypsy yesterday.  When I forwarded it to Marshall, I commented that she looks so mellow.  Or drunk.


3.) “Something” has cut off the blooms on my petunias. I have my doubts that it was deer, since I’ve been faithfully spraying Liquid Stench Fence. So I’m trying something new:  crushed red pepper, along with the Liquid Fence.  That little cocktail should deter anyone.

crushed red pepper-001

4.) And I’m sharing a couple more photos from our train ride weekend.  You may recall Barn Charm, a blog challenge where we shared photos of barns. We saw this charmer during the train ride, and I thought of Barn Charm. I sure miss it.

white barn 6-5-2016 4-31-30 PM

5.) And last but not least, a couple more photos from our weekend.  As we were having lunch at a cafe next to the train station last Sunday, we heard a vehicle approaching. It was an unmistakable rumble, and we waited:

yellow car 6-5-2016 11-26-45 AM

Did you notice the passenger? Yes, it’s real.  And he was having a ball.  It isn’t often you see a dog…wearing goggles….riding in a roadster. Here’s your smile for the day.

dog and man 6-5-2016 11-26-40 AM

Happy weekend!

~These Days Of Mine~

17 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. I love the barn photograph, but the guy and the dog…that’s priceless. Have a great weekend, Dianna!

  2. Great, unique pictures! WHAT a barn! Took my breath away! ! What a commanding lady she had to have been in her day! Love the “woozy boozy”pictue of Gypsy–but I happen to know she does not partake of the demon drink ha. BUT, I have to say my favorite was the dashing companion with the driving goggles in the roadster! I can just hear them comparing notes at the end of a drive…”Wasn’t that a magnificent barn with a gamble roof?” “Woof!” Lol I Look forward to our antiquing adventure tomorrow!

  3. What a wonderful weekend and your photos are fabulous. I love the roadster dog and the barn is spectacular too. WOW! You got my mind off my troubles. 🙂

  4. Donna (Texas)

    Oh I bet Tex would love to ride like that..not sure we could swing the goggles. ..lol.

  5. That barn was a nice surprise on the train trip……loved its’ foundation and I’m sure it was quite magnificent in its’ heyday. Loved the guy with his dog – I won’t ever forget that…..one of the highlights of the day!


  6. I’ve never seen Gypsy with an expression like that ..
    I’ve never seen a barn quite like that – it’s unique, for sure ..
    I’ve never seen a dog wearing goggles in a roadster ..
    & I thought I’d seen a lot !

  7. I am loving the barn too with the stone foundation! I think you already know my thought on who has been in the potted petunias… 🙂 Gypsy… too funny!

  8. I just love your posts! You always have the best pics.

  9. Just loved your Random Five today…..thank you!

  10. I laughed out loud at the passenger in the hot rod! Too Cute!! And Gypsy is one relaxed kitty. I happen to think the barn looks like it’s arrived at its heyday – so nostalgic with lots of history speaking from its walls! Beautiful pics all around.

  11. Well, it is random Friday, so here are my random comments. Your doggie in goggles photo is a hoot! And yes, Gypsy looks a little besotted. 😉 Hope that red pepper does the trick. And that barn….sigh…I miss your barn charm photos too.

  12. lol Great photo Friday five. I agree with Marshall, Gypsy looks like a mellow kitty cat. The dog/car photos are super fun. 🙂
    I’m sorry about your petunias. Reckon it could be a cutworm doing it?
    or It may be a bird did it, Birds do naughty stuff like that too. I hope the liquid fence and hot peppers will stop their busy beaks.

  13. Great barn photo! – I enjoyed revisiting the Barn Charm days.

  14. They actually make goggles specifically for dogs. They’re called Doggles. Truth.

  15. LOL-Liquid Stench! Did the red pepper save your petunia?

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