Eyes On The Skies

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared photos of sunrises or sunsets, so today seems like a good day to do that.

This was the sunrise one recent (very humid) morning.  In the next few weeks, the sunrise location will change, so we won’t have such a clear view.

sunrise 8-16 8-16-2016 6-34-45 AM

The sunsets have been pretty nice, too.  Just as the sunrise location changes with the seasons, so does the one for the sunsets.  We don’t see the sunsets as well during the fall/winter months.

sunset 8-07 8-2-2016 8-03-22 PM

This next picture was taken “on the road”.  Motor Man and I were crossing a nearby bridge one morning just after sunrise. This cottage replaced one that washed away during a hurricane several years ago.

cottage in nansemond river 8-7-2016 6-40-10 AM

One of my Facebook friends recently posted a photo of a cloud that resembled a flying fish.  I, too, have noticed some “animal-shaped” clouds recently. I thought this one looked somewhat like a wild boar.

boar cloud 8-16-2016 7-48-41 PM

And I was undecided about the cloud in the center of this next photo.  My first thought (of course) was that it looked like a horse. But, then, once I uploaded the pictures to my computer, I saw a dragon. (He even seemed to be breathing fire…)

horse dragon 8-16-2016 7-48-20 PM

The sky is sometimes a busy place.  Do you find yourself looking for shapes within the clouds? It’s a leftover pastime from our childhood, I suppose.

~These Days Of Mine~

12 responses to “Eyes On The Skies

  1. Stunning photographs, Dianna. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Have always looked for shapes in clouds……I love doing that. Your photos are gorgeous and I see that wild boar for sure…..the bottom one looks to me like an alligator with his antenna up (hahahahahaha).


  3. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing. FYI – My Dad’s Dad (Granddaddy) built the ‘river cottage’ that the hurricane washed away. There is also one on the west side of the bridge that he built also. It too was washed away in the same hurricane and rebuilt.

  4. CH and I always look for shapes in the clouds… always when riding around. We can hardly see the sky at home because of the canopy of trees. Oh my gosh, love the little cottage.

  5. You do have the loveliest views for these photos. You know we get magnificent sunsets viewed from our back yard deck but pretty sunrises aren’t as plentiful. The hills and woods hide them from me. 😦 Well, that and the fact that I’m not always an early riser!! 😉 And by the way, that cloud looks like a dragon to me too.

  6. I do notice them.. especially this time of year- the summertime clouds we’ve been seeing recently are amazing .. almost every afternoon, it seems !
    Some great examples here !

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Amazing sun rises and sun sets!! I love also to look for shapes in the clouds.

  8. We’ve had amazing clouds lately. It seems impossible to get a shot, either driving, or by the time I reach a pull-off, something blocks the view. Yours are lovely, and I’m glad you have wide-open space to work with.

  9. Magnificent sunrises and sunsets. I love looking at the clouds and revert to a happy child when I see shapes in them. Your clouds character finds are Super fun.

  10. Sometimes… well, frequently I see shapes in the clouds. Your photos are lovely1

  11. Rich, soothing colours in those beautiful sunrises. Funny, that you found a dragon roaming your skies! I did as well not long ago while driving to work early one morning; pulled to the side to capture a picture before it dissipated. My dragon cloud wasn’t as ‘fierce’ as yours but had a puff of colour in comparison. Lovely, Dianna.

  12. Great read, Loved it. Fellow blogger at chingz123.wordpress.com

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