Flying Circus

Last Sunday, Motor Man and I got up at 0-dark-thirty and headed to the Flying Circus Air Show in Bealeton, Va., which is about three hours from us. This was the weekend for their annual air show/hot air balloon festival.   On the way there, I was in e-mail contact with my friend, Pam (of One Spoiled Cat), who lives nearby.

When we were about ten miles from the location, Pam sent me a message that she’d read on the web-site that the air show had been canceled because a storm front was moving into the area.

Since we were so close, we decided to continue on our journey.  When we arrived at the site, we were told that, yes, the event was canceled, but the bi-planes were still flying (and offering rides) and that a couple of the hot air balloons may launch.

Not the best day for photos, but the planes were certainly colorful.

planes 8-21-2016 8-07-18 AM

Occasionally, the sun broke through those thick clouds.

3 bi planes 8-21-2016 7-09-41 AM

Two balloons did actually fly, this being one. You may recall when Motor Man and I helped launch a hot air balloon in our town a couple of years ago.  This belongs to one of the balloonists we met that day.  Isn’t Firefly a fitting name for a hot air balloon company?

reeds balloon2 8-21-2016 8-02-54 AM

That balloon has such neat graphics:   a vintage motorcycle and race cars. “Right up our alley”.

race cars 8-21-2016 8-04-06 AM

This is video I took of the second balloon that launched last Sunday. In it, you can hear the burner in the balloon and the engines of the bi-planes, as well as my Motor Man saying: “She’s truckin’ along pretty good….”

Although the festivities were dampened by the weather on Sunday, we were told that Saturday’s event had record attendance.

And, no, we didn’t take a ride in a bi-plane (only room for one passenger), but I think  Motor Man has an idea for a future adventure….

~These Days Of Mine~

11 responses to “Flying Circus

  1. A shame it didn’t happen, especially since the early rise. But, you made the best of it and the pictures are incredible. Love the colors and graphics on the baloons and planes. The good news – I know you and Motor Man like driving!

  2. Adventure chasers!

  3. At least you still got to see the planes AND a couple of the balloons… was a shame the event was cancelled but they know best when it comes to weather and ballooning (and flying!).


  4. I LOVE the originality in the names, colors, and paint jobs on the balloons and planes. What a wonderful sight.

  5. Many years ago, I attended an air show in Bealeton. It was so much fun. Thanks for bringing back the memories.

  6. So cool seeing those planes – the colors look great with that green grass underneath..
    & a cool vid !

  7. I’s ashame the rain dampened the day, but it looks like you & MM made a winner of the day anyway.
    Have a happy weekend!

  8. Wow, that looks amazing, I love the colours! Hope you had a nice time 🙂

  9. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Rain might have dampened the day but not your spirits! The colors on the planes and balloons are wonderful.

  10. Glad the day was not a total wash out. Tomorrow there’s an air show in Front Royal.

  11. It sounds like you still had a fun day in spite of the poor weather. The balloons have such fun designs.

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