Our Weekend Visitor

As you’ve all probably heard, Hermine visited our area this weekend. I’m not sure of her official status by the time she got to us – tropical storm, sub-tropical storm?

I must admit that I’d never heard the name Hermine until the past couple of weeks when meteorologists began talking about the storm.  I like it; it sounds old-fashioned.

And, as storms go, Hermine wasn’t too unkind to us.

Oh, we had wind Friday night and all day Saturday, probably highest gusts of around 40 mph, and we had rain, but not a lot….maybe an inch. But, we definitely had high tides. This is a little “dock” that Motor Man built for me several years ago. When the swans were here (and actually IN the water), I’d walk out on it to feed them.

db swans ducks 8-24-2013 4-09-28 PM

Saturday,during Hermine, the ducks were surfing on it.

ducks on walkway 9-3-2016 1-10-48 PM

Here’s another view.

high tide 9-3-2016 1-11-07 PM

The hummingbirds were also out during the storm. Landing on the feeder, however, was a little more challenging than usual.

hummy and blowing feeder 9-3-2016 11-02-46 AM


hummie feeding 9-3-2016 11-23-25 AM

Hermine left us with tideline trash, but it’s a smaller amount in comparison to other storms.

tideline trash 9-4-2016 6-58-38 PM

And last night, once Hermine had left town, we had a beautiful evening and gorgeous sunset.

sunset 9-4-2016 7-21-13 PM

(Now, if we can just get through the remainder of hurricane season with no other visitors.)

~These Days Of Mine~

12 responses to “Our Weekend Visitor

  1. Love the the picture of the ducks “paddle boarding” on the dock in the storm! And I have always mentioned hummingbirds seem to love rain and wind, your pictures were great! Enjoy your Labor Day!

  2. Glad it wasn’t too bad and Hermine was a really thoughtful guest – she didn’t outstay her welcome.

  3. So glad it did not hit you guys too badly. The duck picture is pretty cute. They will be glad to have their dock back to normal, I bet. That sunset is stunning.

  4. Love the ducks surfing. We do not miss the tideline at all. Nice living in a condo where we didn’t even worry about the storm!

  5. WOW…..that was a significant tide. As for no further visitors – I hope you don’t get any more storms – – – but visitors? Maybe a few human ones!


  6. Yep- as far as these tropical deals go, Hermine wasn’t too bad to us. I always think back to Isabel – we’re coming up on a 13th anniversary for that one !

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    So thankful Hermine was not to0 bad. We had wind and rain but no damage. Enjoy your Labor Day,

  8. Those little hummies sure are determined, aren’t they? I’m happy to hear you didn’t suffer much damage.

  9. We were so thankful for the needed rain – and just right. Surfing ducks – now there’s a new one – cool! The sunset is just beautiful.

  10. That’s a story with a lovely ending..such a pretty sunset. It’s at the close of the day yet the sky looks refreshed at the same time. Love the hummers!

  11. Truly a blessing that Hermine didn’t cause a damage for you. I love all your photos. Your home is like an enchanted oasis for all sorts of creatures and critters to be safe and loved. Have a pleasant rest of the week. 🙂

  12. The ducks look like they appreciate having the dock to use. Nice shot of your hummer. My hair stylist’s name is Herminia (which was new to me), so I thought of her when I heard the name of the storm.

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