Meeting A Mermaid

Yesterday, while Motor Man and I were on the beach at the Outer Banks, something special caught our eye.

Someone with amazing talent (and plenty of free time) had sculpted a mermaid in the sand..

mermaid front 9-1-2016 11-28-21 AM

She was a brown-eyed girl and wore a seashell tiara. We were there late morning, so obviously, she had been created the day before. Some of her features weren’t quite as sharp as they most likely were originally.

mermaid face 9-1-2016 11-28-26 AM

Here she is from the back.

mermaid back 9-1-2016 11-27-34 AM

Written in the sand in front was the letter “A”, perhaps the initial of the artist?

mermaid with a 9-1-2016 11-28-32 AM

Just to get an idea of the size of the sculpture, Motor Man had me pose beside her. (Yes, I was a bit intimidated; what human female poses beside a mermaid?)

db and mermaid 9-1-2016 11-29-55 AM

I texted Marshall a picture of our find with this note: “And the storm (Hermine) will probably take her back to the sea”.

Marshall’s reply: “Probably, but the artist knew that – that’s part of the beauty”.

~These Days Of Mine~

11 responses to “Meeting A Mermaid

  1. I love her! She is beautiful and so is the human next to her. 🙂

  2. How AWESOME!!! Such talent. Glad you got to appreciate it and to allow us to also.

  3. Cool! Look at it this way – the storm will take her back to the sea but that’s where she’s happiest after all…….so it’s a “good” thing!


  4. That’s amazing. Yes, she’ll definitely be home soon.

  5. Impressive – someone went to a lot of work there.

  6. One of those great finds … some of the best are just stumbled upon !

  7. Very cool… kinda hate to see the tide take her back to the sea. BUT maybe there will be a new mermaid next time!!!

  8. What a wonderful fun find. You just never know what treasures lie in wait to be discovered. That Mermaid is great. There’s no telling how long it took to make. I wonder about the artist(s). What fun they must have had.
    I wonder if they knew the joy and smiles it’d bring to the next explorers.
    I believe Marshall has the heart of a poet. I’ll be he’s a creative fellow and takes after you. 🙂

  9. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a treasure to find! She is very neat!

  10. How cool! Someone did a nice job creating her.

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