Paint Night

Perhaps you’ve heard of “paint nights”.  They are fun events that have become quite popular in the past couple of years.  For a (reasonable) fee, an instructor provides canvas, paints and a sample and teaches “regular” folks how to attempt to recreate that painting.

My friend, Donna, and I attended such an event Wednesday evening.  It took place at Surry Seafood, a fairly new restaurant in a nearby town. Motor Man offered to drive me, as we were expecting stormy weather.  The three of us enjoyed dinner before the painting event began.


We were completely surprised that, unbeknownst to us, a few of our friends/acquaintances had also signed up for the class.  Linda, in the yellow, is the wife of one of Donna’s and my former classmates. That’s her friend, Kathy, beside her, and our instructor, Wendy, from Plum Crazy Art Gallery in Suffolk, to the far right.


Our friends, Jane, and daughter, Amber, were also there.


Motor Man was allowed to sit in for all the fun and became our official photographer.

He caught Donna and me being very serious about our work.


 But I always have time to pose for my Motor Man.


Our project was an oyster, and here is Wendy’s sample.


At the end of the evening, Motor Man took a photo of our “graduating class”, minus a couple of folks who left before the picture was taken. Our paintings are all very different, as expected. And none of them really look like Wendy’s……as you probably noticed.


We had a great time, visiting and being creative.

But I saved the most hilarious picture of all for the end of this post.  It’s all about perspective: Donna’s paintbrush certainly wasn’t IN my nose, as it appears in this photo.


 It was a fun experience, and I’m ready to sign up for another class. There’s certainly room for improvement.

~These Days Of Mine~

9 responses to “Paint Night

  1. Looks like fun! A few of those paintings from your graduating class are pretty darn good……art is about “interpreting” so you all saw Wendy’s oyster differently – as good artists do!


  2. It sounds like fun… FOOD, friends and painting. Great thing to do at night instead of sitting in front of the TV. Well, CH sat in front of the TV and I read… 🙂

  3. Not Picasso Donna

    It was the BEST time. I don’t do any crafts, and as I told one of my friends. Even find putting on makeup hard! But with having Dianna next to me and an awesomely talented and patient instructor Wendy, I was able to get an oval with color! It was all about fellowship and creativity, and we had a wonderful evening. Just glad I did not accidentally pierce Dianna’s nose with my roving paint brush!

  4. Oh What FUN!!!! Never heard of that idea before, but I LOVE it! The results are impressive.

  5. A new adventure ! It looks like everybody had a great time.
    & it’s great how each one of you gave a different spin to the same painting!
    that’s art !

  6. What a fun and joyous time you must’ve had. Look at your bright smiles. You’re quite a multi-talented artist. 🙂

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What fun for everyone. Our church held a paint party in the spring but we were not able to go. Dianna, I love the picture JR took of you. The coloring and pose was wonderful. A very good pic of you. I also loved the picture of you and Donna playing around!!

  8. It’s fun to see how each painter interpreted the task differently – and how each created their own unique lovely picture.

  9. Those classes are popular here too. Looks like fun!

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