It’s Been Awhile….

Have you been missing the beach and horse pictures recently here on These Days? Yeah, me,too.  Let’s see if we can remedy that today with a few  photos from our recent trips to the Outer Banks:

We love driving on the beach this time of year. We practically have the place to ourselves.  On pretty summer days, this place is packed with vehicles, sunbathers, swimmers, fishermen, children and dogs playing, folks flying kites. But, now that the weather is cooler, this is usually our view.


Of course, you’re also a little less likely to see horses on the beach. But, on our last trip, there was one lone horse, walking along the water’s edge. We didn’t see any other horses nearby, but they could have been out of sight on the other side of the dunes.


The trip prior to that, we saw this handsome stallion with the windblown mane. (Picture was taken with a zoom lens, then cropped once it was downloaded to the computer. I wasn’t nearly as close as it looks.)


I’m guessing this was his mare; she was close by.  You can tell the horses have started getting their woolly winter coats. They’re beginning to look “fuzzy”.


Thankfully, most of the flooding from Hurricane Matthew has receded, so we’re able to travel the “back roads” once again.


See? Although it’s rare, I do occasionally take a beach picture that doesn’t include a horse.

~These Days Of Mine~

10 responses to “It’s Been Awhile….

  1. Love all the photos but that first one just does a great job of showing the long view one has while out on the “sand road”…’s quite beautiful…….


  2. Great pics as always! Amazing the difference of the beach scene after the warm weather leaves, love to see it from that perspective,so peaceful!

  3. Beautiful photos.

  4. Beautiful colors on your beach photo! I love their fuzzy winter coats and that mare looks like she’s in foal!

  5. AMAZING!! All photos – Love the ‘blonde’ mane on the beach horse. Such peaceful pictures.

  6. All are great, but the black stallion is the one this time !
    Glad to hear the flooding is receding .

  7. I love “going” to the beach with you, Dianna!

  8. I always love coming to you for a beach fix! Your pictures are beautiful, as always.

  9. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Wonderful beach and horse pictures as normal!

  10. Absolutely breathtaking. 🙂

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