Random Five Friday

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a RFF, so I thought I’d start off the month of December with some random thoughts.

1.) For Mother’s Day, 2011, Marshall gave me this pretty potted mum.

It has definitely “gone forth and multiplied”.

2.) For the past couple of years, my friend, Donna, self-proclaimed “bird nerd”, has inspired me to feed our feathered friends. It IS fun to glance out the window and see them fluttering around the feeders.  Oh, and the snowman feeders was  a Christmas gift from Donna a few years go.

3.) We aren’t sure what the commercial fishermen were “harvesting” in our nearby James River, but Motor Man nor I had ever seen so many work boats as we did earlier this week.

It was difficult to get a good picture (we need a helicopter). This doesn’t really show the extent of the boats, they were upriver as far as we could see.

4.) Early morning is such a pretty time of day. I had to make a u-turn to go back for this fog-on-the-water shot.

5.) I’m sure if you were following my blog earlier this year, you know that I’m a fan of April, the giraffe.  Now, I’m not usually one to wear novelty clothing, but I saw this top recently and just couldn’t resist. Sweet April putting the star on top of her tree.

Enjoy your weekend!

~These Days Of Mine~

9 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. Nice “randoms” ! I’ve never had a mum multiply but if you remember the variety I’d love to find one like that for my garden. The number of working boats out on the river is rather amazing – wonder what treasures they were harvesting. Love your “April” shirt too. Also, just FYI, AOL EMail is down AGAIN this morning so will keep trying but in the meantime GOOD MORNING!


  2. WOW – I, too, have never seen a mum multiply like that one did for you. Mine seldom come back, even if they make it through the blooming season. The workboats on the James – I’ve not seen that many either. They’ve had nice weather for working the river. And your pictures are amazing. If I hadn’t seen the label in your sweater, I’d have thought you made the shirt special. PERFECT!

  3. Very interesting on so many levels!!! LOVE that you have gotten your feeders anchored, coexisting with the squirrels and enjoying the birds!! You HAVE to find out what the were fishing for, what was running! Your fans are curious now! I LOVE the Christmas April shirt!!!! So cute!! Crazy how Marshalls flowers grew. Must not be appealing to deer. Good weekend. What are you doing! Hope it is fun, surrounded by beauty and friends.

  4. Glad you started the randoms again! Wow, that mum surely did multiply and I’m thinking deer don’t like the taste of them? The Christmas April shirt is adorable. 🙂

  5. I love the multiplied mums! I was born with a black thumb, getting browner with age and I vow it’ll be green one day. So pretty and such a sweet color those mums are. Love the snowman bird feeder too. I have to try that type instead of the seed free for all the birds (and squirrels) are dining on now.

  6. A great return to R5F !
    & a fine outdoor theme..
    glad to see the mums are doing well,
    and I can’t help but notice it’s now snowing on TheseDays ….

  7. 1) Marshall is a sweetie. Your Mums are gorgeous, that’s a cheerful & colorful patch.
    2) Love the birdies and the birdfeeders. I know the birds appreciate the buffet.
    3) Interesting. It looks as if there was fish(es) running for sure. Pretty nifty photos you got there of all them boats. It’d be neat to know what fish brought the fisherman out in droves.
    4) Magnificent morning fog photo, it’s a calm serene scene to comfort the soul.
    5) Love the girraffe shirt. It’s so you. Wonderful shirt to make for a very Merry Christmas feeling in the heart.
    Have a great weekend.

  8. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Another great R5F. I have never seem that many boats together before. Something was up, that’s for sure. Your mum is very pretty. Your new Christmas shirt is perfect for you. Enjoy the weekend..

  9. What a great random 5! boy did those mums multiply! Too cool!
    We are NOT allowed bird feeders 😦 So I have a hidden bird bell that I have been replacing every second day! Marv loves watching the birds and so do I. There have been so many more this year because of the forest fires in the BC interior and the migratory birds have changed their routes. They are hungry! And I’ve seen so many birds that are not common to our area. I also had to put out a humming bird feeder! A pair of Annis Hummers were trying to get nectar out of the fake flowers on Marv’s catio. And they hare practically living on our deck since the cold weather has started.
    And wow! I have not seen that many boats since they had the herring run here 2 weeks ago!
    Love Barb

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