Monday Morning Mews: Crinkling And Purring

Hi, readers. Gypsy here – and today it’s my turn to post.

One of the toys I have in our my office is a “crinkle tunnel”.  It is SO cool; I really love the sound it makes. It rattles like paper.

Motor Mommy took this picture of me in it. Oh, and you can see my little springy toys too. They’re really fun to play with; they’re so light, they practically fly around even if I barely touch them with my paw.

BUT, Motor Mommy also took a very short video of me…you can hear the sound of my crinkle tunnel.  Listen carefully:


Did you hear me purring my motor running?   But of course: that’s ’cause I am a Motor Kitty!

~These Days Of Mine~

11 responses to “Monday Morning Mews: Crinkling And Purring

  1. Such a sweet post – have a great day –

  2. Hi Gypsy! I love crinkly stuff……I recently discovered one of Angel Sammy’s favorite things EVER – TISSUE PAPER!!!!! It makes fabulous noises and I can run and dive in a pile of it and make a lot of noise. Tee Hee Enjoy your day!

    Hugs, Teddy

  3. The tree is off-limits but we find (and sometimes hide) lots of toys around here. It doesn’t take much to amuse these humans.
    Noah, Allie, Tea Cup and Chico.

  4. We definitely have a celebrity on TheseDays !
    cool tunnel !

  5. Motor kitty you’re amazing. Your ‘crinkle tunnel’ sounds like purrfect fun.

  6. You are a cutie. XO

  7. Gypsy Darling, I. Marvelous was TOTALLY enthralled with your video! I could see and hear you and I thought you were INSIDE the computer! I ran around the other side to see if you were there!

  8. Well, of course your motor is running, your pawrents spoil you well! Motor Mommy gave you purrfect toys to play with. 🙂

  9. those little paws! so cute! What a neat kitty toy, love it! MJ

  10. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Wow, Gypsy, you have such fun toys! Love your video!!

  11. Love the crinkle tunnel, looks like Santa will have to bring one to Lyle for Christmas! And Dianna, this post brings back special memories for me since my mom always used to say the cats had their “motor’s running” rather than purring:)♥

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