Busy Weekend

‘Tis the season….for busy weekends.

Saturday, we met friends for lunch at the Jefferson Hotel in Richmond.  The Jefferson, built in 1895, is beautifully decorated for the holidays.  The folks you see in this picture were attending a private gathering to meet Santa and Mrs. Claus.

The five of us posed on the balcony overlooking the tree. (Motor Man jokes about him being in the company of four women…)

And, of course, Motor Man and I had a picture taken of the two of us.

Each year, the Jefferson pastry chefs and their elves create a gingerbread masterpiece. This year it was a “Flying Santa” in his airplane, made from over 200 pounds of gingerbread and various icings and candies. (I wonder how many hours of work? The posted sign didn’t say.)

Also this weekend, our little town celebrated Christmas in Smithfield.  The weekend included an antique show and carriage rides, featuring Roxanne the horse. Motor Man knows how I am about horses, so if there’s a carriage ride available, we’re  usually there.

And so begins the busy month of December. It’s off to a good start!

~These Days Of Mine~



8 responses to “Busy Weekend

  1. How lovely to see all the festivities in your corner of the world. I love your festive scarf! Enjoy the rest of the season with your family, human and feline. Xxx

  2. The Jefferson is absolutely beautiful! What a fun weekend:) And Ha!… It is somewhat hilarious seeing Motor Man with his four ladies;)

  3. It’s the busiest time of the year for all of us…..but tons of fun and lots of smiles! Looks super festive in the hotel lobby while everyone is waiting to see Santa……………. 🙂


  4. Your post would put even Scrooge in a good Christmas spirit! Wow – that gingerbread airplane is amazing. And of course, where’s there’s a horse, there’s Dianna. Loved every single photo….and I’d say Motor Man is one lucky fellow to be in the company of such lovely ladies. 😉

  5. Looks like a very good start to me !
    When I see pictures like the ones from the Jefferson, I think about Biltmore at Christmas …
    Y’all even managed to make a new horse friend !

  6. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a nice way to start the Christmas season. All the pictures are festive and I love the one of you and JR. Hope the rest of the season is as joyful. ❤

  7. I actually saw a huge smile on JR’s face! Must have had a great time. That airplane is so cool.

  8. What a special outing at the Jefferson…..And that airplane. I can’t begin to imagine how long it took to bake and put together – WOW!!! Smithfield really knows how to get one in the Christmas Spirit. The carriage ride sounds heavenly. Isn’t Motor Man the lucky one????

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