A Jar Full Of Happy

If you’re on Facebook, you may have seen the “challenge” that surfaces right around the beginning of each new year.

Find a glass jar (quart size or thereabouts) and a package of multi-colored note paper.

Every week, jot down something good that happened, or something that you’re thankful for on a piece of the paper and drop it in the jar.

Next New Year’s Eve, open the jar and read the notes.

Although I’ve thought this was a neat idea since the first time I saw it, I’ve never actually participated.

This will work especially well for folks like Motor Man and me who prefer to spend a quiet New Year’s Eve at home.

Yes, that’s a label on the other side of the jar.   Since I don’t can, my jar choices are limited. Friends of ours gifted us homemade Christmas cookies several years ago, and the label has survived many dish-washings and is still legible. No way am I going to remove it.

Do you like this idea? Are you in for the challenge?

~These Days Of Mine~

10 responses to “A Jar Full Of Happy

  1. It’s a cute idea……we participate in a weekly blog “Thankful” post on another blog which gives us a chance to talk about our “thankfuls” for that week. It’s great to have a chance to think positively about what’s happened in our lives. I’m sure you and MM will enjoy filling your jar but I just bet you will need a BIGGER jar!!


  2. Aw, this is a great idea. We sometimes forget the good things as the weeks fly by during a year. I can only imagine the wonderful thank filled adventures you & MM jar will over flow with. We prefer to stay home too. I think a New Year celebrated at home is a great way to start the year. I’d not heard of a happy jar. Thanks for sharing this fun craft for 2018. It will give me something extra to do and us something fun to look forward too next new year eve.
    About that label, that must be a really good product. I would have thought it would have degraded or peeled off after one or two washings. I understand it’s sentimental value. The jar is a friendship treasure. It’s a wonderful container for your Happy Jar.

  3. I’ve seen this idea before also. I may just need to follow your lead and do the same thing. Now to convince my hubby to join in!

  4. I too have seen this idea, which I love, but never have initiated it. We did do a fun thing with our family at Christmas this year. At the Christmas dinner table, we all wrote down a hope we had for the coming year, what we hoped would happen by next Christmas. We put our names on them and I sealed them up in a cute Christmas gift box to be opened next year around the dinner table. P.S. I agree with Pam, I think you’ll need a bigger jar!

  5. I don’t know that I have a jar anywhere … ; )

  6. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    This was a 2017 challenge our church took on last year. Chuck and I did ours in a small sunflower box. Needless to say it is full. It is a wonderful thing to do.

  7. Life is filled with many blessings. It will be neat for you and Motor Man to revisit them at the end of the year. I think you might need to give Marshall a jar or have him participate in yours.

  8. A wonderful challenge. Some do it for Thanksgiving also. I’ve never participated, but find that thinking on the blessings is such a positive in my life and always points me to God and my dearest of friends. Thanks for the reminder today.

  9. We started something similar to this years ago. We just put memorable moments in it, and have had a lot of fun getting together and reading the cards. Most of them were from when the kids were younger.

  10. Oh! And what a season-appropriate and beautiful picture of ‘your beloved Castle’!

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