Bomb Cyclone 2018

Let it be known that we survived the “bomb cyclone” blizzard of January 3/4, 2018.

It’s hard to say exactly what our snowfall total was because the 30+ mile per hour winds caused drifts everywhere. Probably in the 6″ range.

This is at a little bridge not far from our house.  The snowdrift was up to the top of the guardrail. And, as you can see, the wind was still blowing.

The town sign looking quite Christmasy….after the fact.

This next photo is the entrance to a dear cousin’s property, also near our house. Our temperatures have been so cold ever since Christmas, very few folks have had a chance to take down their Christmas decorations. The snow adds a nice touch.

It’s been quite a while since we’ve had this much ice on the river by our house.

Thankfully, although we had strong winds, we only lost electricity for a couple of hours yesterday.

So the “bomb cyclone” has moved on up the coast.  The snow was pretty, I got some interesting photos, children had a couple of snow days and enjoyed playing in it.  And now I’m ready for spring.

~These Days Of Mine~



14 responses to “Bomb Cyclone 2018

  1. Pretty pictures but yes—time to warm up and move on to spring. It has even been cold in Florida where we are at which has limited my beach time. Grr. But next week is supposed to be nice again so I am looking forward to that! Stay warm!

  2. BEAUTIFUL pictures! A couple of Christmas card worthy ones. It sure is COLD!!! I’m enjoying the snow days and am wondering when we’ll get back to school since it’s not warming up.

  3. Glad you survived! Loved the photos! Isn’t it amazing how all those tiny snowflakes can add up?

  4. Beautiful photos! I’m so ready for spring. I miss our hummingbirds!

  5. Lots of places got snow that normally see very little (or any!) in the winter……it is pretty but certainly wreaks havoc.


  6. I’m thankful you all survived the bomb cyclone. You sure got oodles of snow. I really love your photos. I agree, the snow sure gave a look of Christmas decorations. It’s beautiful snow. Take care and stay warm.

  7. I think I’m ready, too..
    Snow gives the opportunity for great pics, but it needs to vanish after a couple of days !

  8. I am so glad it wasn’t more serious. No snow here but bitter cold and windy.

  9. Beautiful. Now I’m digging out so I can feed the squirrels and birds, today being National Bird Day.

  10. At this rate, we won’t be able to get our outdoor Christmas decorations down until spring. But in my neck of the woods, winter is probably just starting, so we’ll have a long wait until spring does arrive. Glad you made it through the bomb cyclone unscathed except for a short power outage!

  11. Yes! Bring on spring! Yay for survivors! This is one we won’t soon forget.

  12. Great pictures, and glad you made it through the storm. 🙂

  13. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I too am ready for Spring!! Your pictures are great. So glad you and JR survived it. Chuck and I are doing OK too.

  14. Joyce M. Westphal

    Beautiful pictures. Glad you survived. Thanks for sharing.

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