Ice, Ice Everywhere!

You may recall that our area was in the path of the “Bomb Cyclone” winter storm last week. Since then, we’ve had warm temperatures and most of the snow is gone.   There was quite a bit of ice on the river, though, and some of that still remains.

It made for some nice photo ops, and I’m sharing some of those pictures today.

Sunset, ice and a contrail Tuesday evening.

The setting sun was reflecting on a thawed area of the river, and some of “my” ducks were enjoying their little swimming hole.

Others were doing a bit of ice skating nearby.

The deer heard  there was a photo op and cooperated by paying a visit.

I took this short video yesterday morning just before sunrise. The roar you hear in the background is that of a work boat heading out to the James River.  There’s also some duck “chatter” with one rather boisterous one. I think he was demanding that I stop videoing and feed them breakfast corn.


Pretty scenery indeed, but is anyone else ready for spring?

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11 responses to “Ice, Ice Everywhere!

  1. The weather has been brutal but beautiful! You’ve captured well. I love the slight hint of fog in the distance on your video. Get ready! It’s going to turn COLD again after today’s turn at spring.

  2. Great pictures, and love the ones with the terracotta coloring! Soooo, it is 70 today!! Closely followed by snow in the forecast for next week!
    Good weekend!

  3. Definitely ready for Spring but I think we’d better keep our thermals handy – thirty degree drop coming overnight. Snow is in our forecast for Tuesday. Love the photos!


  4. Good photo ops … that’s just about all the ice and snow are good for !

  5. Just like here in Finland, great photos.

  6. What beautiful pastel reflections, Dianna. I know we need to hunker down here in Ohio for a storm coming. . . It isn’t too bad, as long as you are inside with a warm blanket, something hot to drink and maybe a nibble or two. . . Smiles, Robin

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Lovely pictures. I think my favorite is the deer by the water.

  8. Gosh! Your shots have perfectly captured the beauty of ice, snow (and the cold that comes with it).
    Boy that duck was a little noisy! Sounds like spring is on its way!
    Sorry we have not been commenting – between work and oral surgery, I’ve been reading on my tablet.
    Have a purrfect day!
    Love Barb

  9. All the massive sheets of ice on our river started melting and breaking away when we had two unseasonably warm days followed by a lot of rain. Ice jams created all kinds of havoc and flooding. I didn’t get any photos because we were out of town for a few days, but I saw others’ pictures and what a mess it made. Then it got cold again with icy conditions and snow. Glad you didn’t have to experience that and you could capture these lovely photos!

  10. We had some unseasonably warm weather for 2 days last week and now another snowy day. I love the pictures.

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