They’re There…If You Just Pay Attention

You may recall my previous posts about synchronicities. I think the most common of those occur when you’re reading and have the tv on at the same time; you may read a word at the exact second that word is spoken on tv.

Last year, the AM radio station that was popular during my teen years returned to a format playing music from the 1950’s, 1960’s and early 1970’s. So that’s what I usually listen to while I’m driving.

Here a few recent synchronicities related to the radio:

Remember the Fontella Bass song “Rescue Me”?  That came on the radio recently as I was crossing the bridge into the tiny village of Rescue, just a few miles from where we live.

One of the station’s sponsors is a company that repairs overhead garage doors. Last week, one of their commercials came on the radio just as I was pulling into our garage.

Saturday night, as we were leaving our local race track, I turned on the radio. The song just coming on was “59th Street Bridge Song” (Feelin’ Groovy) by Harpers Bizarre.  Do you happen to recall the first line of that song?  “Slow down, you move too fast.”

vintage race cars at our track Saturday

And even though the Outer Banks is two hours from us, we’re able to pick up the radio station perfectly while riding on the beach. Last Sunday, while we were driving along the ocean, the song “Wipe Out” was playing.

Marshall introduced the word “synchronicity” to me several years ago. (Prior to that, I always referred to them as coincidences.) He and I usually text each other whenever either of us experiences one.  And, I think Motor Man has heard us talk about them so much, that he is quick to recognize them, too.  They happen quite often.

I think synchronicities are fascinating, and I would love to know if any of you ever experience them.

~These Days Of Mine~




9 responses to “They’re There…If You Just Pay Attention

  1. Oh, I LOVE that word and your recognizing them. I’m going to have to start paying attention, looking/listening for them.

  2. That is such a great word and yes—I have experienced them but of course I can not remember a single one of them now! 🙂 I will start paying attention.

  3. Indeed when watching and not being the person racing.

  4. It is an interesting habit to develop, searching for synchronicity. Now you will have me doing it! Pictures great!

  5. These things no longer surprise me anymore. I often think of a song I like and it comes on the radio a few minutes later. Synchronicity is everywhere.

  6. Fun post! Yep, I experience them too, but like Beth Ann, I can’t think of any right now. No, wait, I do remember one! On our way home from our recent vacation trip, “Homeward Bound” started playing on hubby’s Pandora. 🙂

  7. It’s true.. they are everywhere.. Years ago I was told to keep an eye out for them because they were a lot more common than some folks realize ..
    Great post !

  8. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I know I have but not remembering them right now. I too will be watching out of them.

  9. Well, this is creepy. I just wrote a response… and it vanished. Then I got an email from WordPress announcing another site had been hacked with my password, and it compromised WP’s login for me so I should change my password here and other places. Hmmm. I definitely believe in synchronicity, those meaningful coincidences, signs, the law of attraction too. Sometimes it feels like a deceased loved one giving a nudge, or a smile, from beyond. Music and numbers are a recurring theme. I keep seeing the same numbers over and over everywhere until I pay attention to something, for example.

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