Nature Is Home

Today, I’m sharing a few recent pictures from around our yard.

I had company a few days ago as I was enjoying an early morning walk.

Gotta love that golden hour glow.

Look into my eyes and repeat after me: “I will NOT eat your flowers”.

Although it seems a bit late in the season, we have ducklings!  Earlier in the week, this Mama Duck came for a visit, quacking loudly and showing off her little ones. It was difficult to count them, because they were all huddled under her. I believe there were seven.

The following day, there were three.  I may be falsely accusing, but I believe the osprey that have a nest at the end of the marina may be to blame. I hope those three babies can survive.

Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.”
― Gary Snyder

~These Days Of Mine~



7 responses to “Nature Is Home

  1. These are really beautiful images. Well captured.

  2. What a vision of serenity! Loved them all, but especially mom duck and babies. Heartbreaking to hear of their short life. Good weekend!

  3. Golden hour gives everything a special tint – even the doe! I hope your Mama Duck hasn’t already lost some of her babies….sounds like she may have.


  4. That golden hour glow really does add a certain something, doesn’t it ?

  5. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I love the quote. All of your company is so sweet. Let’s pray no more of the babies are lost. Have a good weekend and try to stay cool.

  6. Such lovely photos. Deer in the golden hour is my favorite. Early morning walks are so good for communing with nature. When my friend and I walk, we meet a lot of “friends” including rabbits, deer, turkeys plus a myriad of birds. I just don’t want to meet up with a bear!

  7. Beautiful pictures – the golden hours is amazing! Let me know if that eye to eye works for you in preserving your flowers. I’ll try it:) Had a couple of deer eyeing me as I left for groceries this morning – HMMM! Hope the rest of the ducklings make it.

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